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W.L. Jackson

For decades, author W.L. Jackson has been a director, cameraman, global adventurer, and coastal sea kayaker with a close connection to the natural world. Jackson’s motivation for writing “The Adventures of Ossie Osprey” was inspired by the work of Walt Disney and his expressed desire to bring awareness of nature and the animal kingdom through illustration and animation.

The Adventures of Ossie Osprey – Juvenile Fiction, Children’s Books

Eighty awe-inspiring, watercolor and ink illustrations help in telling this story about an osprey named Ossie. It’s the Fall season and time for Ossie to make his annual southern migration from Portland, Maine to his winter nest down in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. Ossie meets up with a variety of whimsical and zany friends, but needs to navigate around obstacles, foes, severe weather, poachers and pollution if he is to reach his southern home. At an air show, Ossie meets a female osprey named Onida…