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W. Matthew Hart

w matthew hartAs a youngster, W. Matthew Hart grew up in Chatham, Massachusetts, a small town on the eastern edge of Cape Cod that sticks out into the Atlantic Ocean. As the son, of a son of a sailor; (he was a sea captain) Matt can remember from an early age being interested in historical stories about the sea. He also had an interest in aviation and electronics and that interest carried on into his adult life and his business career.

The lifetime coincidence for Matt is that his grandfather, Walter Matthew Hart was a world traveler on a ship at sea. Now he too has become the world traveler, but his travel has been primarily on an aircraft.

Because of his early interests of the sea, history and technology, Matt enjoyed reading about these same topics. Little did he know back then that these same interests would lead him to become a U.S. Marine in aviation electronics. Then it led him toward being a Global Sales Manager in telecommunications and computer technology and a Consultant in Information Technolgy. At the same time along with being an avid sailor, he became the Author of several historically-based fictional mysteries.

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Sole Surviving Son: Alan Hast Mystery Series(Mystery)

sole surviving sonDuring 1982, on a quiet summer evening, a young boy goes for a ride on his new bicycle to the local beach. While sitting there hidden behind a sand dune, he witnesses the beating, rape and murder of a beautiful young girl. The steamship S.S. Deepwater departed Portland, Maine Harbor on a summer night in 1940. The ship’s normal cargo of coal also includes a large, mysterious stainless steel container that is on a journey from Poland to Brazil. Aboard the S.S. Deepwater is an attractive, middle-aged woman who is in charge of delivering this container; she soon becomes attracted to the Captain of the ship. Prior to the ship departing, two mysterious men are added to passengers but these men are German Secret Service and they want the stainless steel container. The ship follows the coastline to avoid any potential German submarines, but their luck runs out a few miles off of Long Island, New York. Before the ship sank, the passengers departed the on lifeboats. The exception was the two German guards, who have commandeered at gunpoint, the Captain’s launch, the woman, two crew members, and the stainless steel container.


A Mega Blast: Alan Hast Mystery Series (Mystery)

a mega blast“A Mega Blast” is the second in a series of sixteen Murder/Mystery Action Fiction books by W. Matthew “Matt” Hart. The main characters are Major Alan Hast and his team, who have the task of investigating unusual incidences and enemy intelligence information. This information could become a potential criminal or terrorist acts against the U.S. Navy and related civilian participation. In this fast moving, action packed story Alan discovers a woman he loves has jilted him. As a result he decides to take some time off because he is hired temporarily to take command of a luxury yacht cruising south along the east coast of the United States from Newport, RI to Puerto Rico and then on to St. Maarten. During the early part of the voyage, he discovers that the owners of the yacht are a syndicate that known for murder for hire based out of South America. He uncovers initial details that this syndicate has been hired to blow up an LNG tanker ship. After Alan had gathered more details, he determined that the real target was the USS George Washington; Carrier Strike Group that was sailing in the Caribbean and due in Puerto Rico.


A Case of Mistaken Identity: Alan Hast Mystery Series (Mystery)

mistaken identity“A Case of Mistaken Identity” is the third in a series of sixteen, stand-alone Crime/Mystery, Action-Thriller books by W. Matthew Hart. The central character in this series is Major Alan Hast; a U.S. Marine involved with a classified crime prevention team associated with the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps. The scope of this unique “Special Options Team called “Spec-Ops” is to bring together a combination of highly technical criminal investigators, aviators, sailors and highly trained Navy Seals. This Spec Ops Team pursues several different secret assignments that investigate, identify and try to prevent crimes of sabotage, murder and other corruption against the U.S. Navy, and Naval personnel before any incidents happen. Once a situation is discovered, and depending on the location of the investigation, the Spec Ops Team coordinates their activities with the appropriate CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, NCIS and local law enforcement authorities. “A Case of Mistaken Identity” is a multi-plot adventure that moves quickly to blend interesting plots and characters involved with a Caribbean drug cartel. An unknown assassin, a massive drug smuggling, and money laundering are using military aircraft and the inclusion of some unconventional romances. The story includes action in the Caribbean, South America, and the United States in the early 1990’s with actual locations.


A Pacific Princess: Alan Hast Mystery Series (Mystery)

pacific princessThis book is an imaginative and fascinating mystery story of history, conflict, romance and fast moving action at sea. Walter M. Hart (the author’s grandfather) during WW-2 was the captain of the “SV Pioneer”. This ship was a former Vanderbilt luxury yacht that was used by the U.S. Navy, during World War II to spy on the Japanese on hundreds of small island military bases in the Pacific and primarily near Australia. On a trip to Columbia, the captain is given a large rare Emerald, by his great uncle. Later when the Japanese attack the S.V. Pioneer the gemstones previously were hidden for safekeeping by Capt. Hast during one of the fierce military encounters with the Japanese naval forces in the Southern Pacific.


A Mustang Solution: Alan Hast Mystery Series (Mystery)

mustang solutionTwo U.S. Marine Corps friends Alan Hast and Alec Berger decide to sail Alan’s sailboat to participate in the 1995 New York City July 4th celebrations. A sex slave broker from the former Soviet Bloc has moved his operation to New York City and purchased a small hotel to continue his illegal slave and the drug trade. A converted Russian Trawler is now a drug manufacturing lab that sails out of Cuba after being resupplied with the needed raw drug making materials. Staying just beyond the twelve-mile territorial limit the ship has been supplying illegal drugs to selected yachts out of Boston, New York, Baltimore and Miami for several years. The leader of this cartel, ‘The Wolverine’ is the leader of a 21st Century Sex Slave organization with connections in the former Soviet Bloc. As a result of these types of operations, there are more slaves sold today than from Africa in 400 years of the trans-Atlantic slave trade decades earlier. This man is also the son of the Russian submarine captain that ruthlessly sank the hospital ship Wilhelm Gustloff on January 30, 1945, killing over 8,000 innocent men, women, and children. The two Marines become involved when two girls are murdered by drowning. Then it becomes known that one of the murdered girls was Alec’s long lost sister who was kidnaped twelve years ago during a vacation with their parents in Germany. With the help of a Federal DEA agent, they soon discover that more than one corrupt NYC Official has been blocking the arrest of this Russian slave trader and drug dealer. The trail leads to the U.S. State Department Secure Internet that connects with the American Embassies in South America. Time after time this corrupt businessman has gotten away with murder and drug-related slavery-prostitution. Then two Marines, with the help of the Navy ‘s Spec Ops Team, the FBI, and the DEA, decide to use their version of the ‘Mustang Solution’.


An Unintended Consequence: Alan Hast Mystery Series (Mystery)

consequenceA naval military cargo vessel is traveling up the Indus River from Karachi, Pakistan, near the India when Afghanistan Pirates suddenly attacked, and the containers with twenty-four Stinger Missiles are taken. The Crescent Swath, a terrorist group, has become bolder, more sophisticated and better organized with their terrorist attacks in the United States. Their intended targets this time are the fuel refineries near Houston, Texas. Alan and Carl Jackson utilize two experimental Scorpion-II ultra-light pursuit aircraft to pursue the paragliders that are planning to launch the missiles. This adventure mystery includes a series of separate plots that come together to produce fast action sequences, romantic encounters, adult situations and an explosive conclusion.


A Time to Die!: Alan Hast Mystery Series (Mystery)

a time to dieA fully loaded oil tanker departs the refinery from the Port of Philadelphia and travels down the Delaware River to and through the C&D Canal and then sails toward Norfolk, VA on the Chesapeake Bay. The ship is Hijacked and forced to anchor in the Hampton Roads Virginia by a team that consists of a paid arsonist and three terrorists. They threaten to blow up the million-gallon cargo of Jet Fuel if ten of the named Guantanamo prisoners is not set free in Cuba to leave for Venezuela on a private yacht. Alan & Meg Hast and their ten-year-old son Jay have scheduled a weekend the Hampton Roads. Then the arsonist recognizes Alan Hast, as they sail their boat past the hijacked ship. Suddenly the arsonist has a plan; a plan based on getting revenge. He decides to up the demands by kidnapping Alan’s son and bringing him to hold him for the gold ransom of a million dollars. Not known to the terrorist is that the Navy Spec Ops team is already in Virginia with a Cobra Helicopter waiting near Navassa Island. This small island is part of the United States and located near Jamaica and the Dominican Republic a couple hundred miles from Cuba.


A Peregrine Process: Alan Hast Mystery Series (Mystery)

peregrineThe U.S. Government needs more information about Iran’s nuclear ambitions and scientific progress. A small company in the U.S. has developed a method to store a non-detectable ‘Peregrine Computer Parasite’ within a normal email. Once inside, a computer system the Parasite can collect confidential information and then carry that secret information back out into the World Wide Web and collected. During the investigation, Alan Hast discovers how this company has also tapped into the computer systems of several major corporations. With these stolen industrial secrets silently leveraging the stocks of these companies, and, as a result, making a fortune from stock manipulations. An investigation into these criminal’s activities exposed the evidence of the murder of a Marine Corps pilot who has been missing in action over Cuba since the Bay of Pigs Invasion in the 1960’s.


Fate, Chance or Free will: Alan Hast Mystery Series (Mystery)

fate chanceThis is the fifth book in the Alan Hast Mystery Series, “Fate Chance and Free will” is an intriguing, thought-provoking and infectious story of mystery and romance that combines several complicated action plots. The Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union may have ended, but the tools of war are still available for a price in some agencies of the previous USSR. A small group of Islamic radicals, with ties in Bosnia, also have an allegiance to the Taliban. Now they have plans for a one person attack on the United Nations complex in New York City. This attack will be carried out by a small but powerful, nuclear suitcase bomb. This ultra-secret terrorist group goes by the name of the Crescent Swath, and they are building a network of militant followers in the United States, South East Asia, and Bosnia. The Crescent Swath plan calls for a separate diversion of law enforcement agencies with a campaign of local terror. This separate plot is being formulated by a deranged Italian/American businessman who also wants to assassinate the Vice President and four U.S. Congressmen with a stolen Chinese Naval Mine while the officials are on a boat trip.


A Matador’s Code: Alan Hast Mystery Series (Mystery)

matadors codeDuring 2009, the United States developed 30,000-pound MOP bomb, a massive non-nuclear bomb that could smash through ten feet of solid concrete. Next, they gave two of these bombs to Israel as a deterrent to the nuclear build-up in Iran. These were good intentions of the U.S., but Israel had no way of delivering the bombs, so the deterrent capability was useless. Then the Israelis learned, through Mossad about Mikael’s desire to defect. Mikael was the pilot for the Chinese M-8 Stealth Bomber. A plan is made to make it appear that the M-8 crashed in the Mediterranean during a secret test mission. The Mop bomb drops on the Iranian nuclear facility, but the Iranians cannot figure out how the explosion happened? Soon, the Iranians believed that Israel have a top-secret invisible force.


A Montserrat Morning: Alan Hast Mystery Series (Mystery)

montserratA Naval Engineer discovers he has terminal cancer; he is already in debt, and he needs money to care for his wife and his college student son. He is working on two top secret projects when he gets a request from a Pakistani Arms Merchant to make a duplicate detonator and to copy off the engineering documents for an illegal fee. The scheduled test of this almost indestructible detonator is in the heart of the volcano on Montserrat. The Oasis of the Seas Cruise ship is due in St Maarten. The stolen duplicate of the top secret bomb trigger is supposed to be exchanged for gold certificates when the ship arrives in St Maarten. A tidal wave develops as a result of the volcano rupturing and heads for St. Maarten.


A Flight of the Frigate Bird: Alan Hast Mystery Series (Mystery)

frigate birdDuring the last ten years, a large volume of narcotics has been secretly delivered at sea off the East Coast of the United States. The Coast Guard has not able to track these smugglers; so a new spy aircraft nicknamed the” Frigate Bird” is directed to track the smugglers. The suspicion is that local contacts in smaller boats are picking up the drugs at sea and bringing them ashore. In the midst of this ocean drug-smuggling activity, one of the shore based drug smugglers set up a unique ‘murder and disposal for hire’ operation. The U.S Naval Spec Ops Team and the Coast Guard were trying to figure out how this smuggling organization was tied together, being financed and why? Then two airplanes from Moscow crashed in August, and two Chechen women were on the passenger lists, one in each plane. Russia was becoming obsessed with these ‘Black Widow Women’ and with good reason. Almost every suicide bombing that has taken place has connections to Chechnya in the past two years has always involved a woman. Indeed, most of the bombing attacks have been exclusively carried out by Chechen women against the Russian Government for revenge of the war; not religion or politics!


An Acceptable Revenge: Nathan Hastings Series (Mystery)

acceptableAn Acceptable Revenge is the 14th Murder Mystery for W. Matthew Hart, and the story introduces a new character. Mr. Nathan Hastings, who is a self-employed cyber-detective base out of New York City, NY. He is a recent college graduated. On a vacation trip, he meets an older man, Mr. Matthias George from Sydney, Australia who is a rare gems merchant, and he travels all over the world looking for precious stones. Despite their age difference, these two men, and their companions are on a cruise, and they become close friends. Years later Matthias is murdered, and the law enforcement authorities in Australia and the United States are clueless about who committed the crime or even why it took place. This kind of detective work is quite different for Nathan, who is more used to investigating computer crimes and internet viruses. But at the request of Matthias’ under brother and partner Nathan agrees to investigate the crime.


Forest Beach Tales (Mystery)

forest beach talesI grew up in South Chatham on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, and I lived on Forest Beach Road. During my younger years, I heard many interesting but tragic sea stories about Nantucket Sound and the Atlantic Ocean that happened during the 1800 and 1900’s. I expect some of those stories were true while others probably were not. Now years later I’ve forgotten which stories were which and if the characters were real or not? I wanted to create a series of the fictional story based on two men talking about these factual and fictional Mariner incidents and how during their weekly discussions. As a result, a new friendship developed, even though there was a substantial age difference and lifestyle between them provided. The pictures in the book are real, but unfortunately in most instances the photographers are unknown. I hope you will enjoy this mixture of fact, fiction, and friendship.


The Adventures of Santa Claus: Six Short Stories for young believers (Children’s)

captain santaThe Adventures of Santa Claus are six fictional stories for young believers “of all ages” about what this historic global ambassador of good will “might be doing during the summer months.”