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Whitney Rines

whitney rinesWhitney Rines lives in Anchorage, AK and is married to a wonderful man versed in computer wizardry. They have two pets, a ball python named Archie and a black cat named Starfish. She enjoys telling a good story and bringing enjoyment and adventure to readers of all genres, preferring a mixed style in her writing.
While she enjoys writing Fantasy and other styles of fiction, Whitney has a wide range of interests to include Mythology and folklore from world cultures, and it inspires her writing in several ways, from writing to the art style of her characters and setting. She also enjoys reading classical literature, satire, horror, fantasy, occult, psychological thrillers, historical fantasy, and a number of non-fiction genres such as history, sciences, and math theory.
She is a published author and illustrator for both work and fun. She has put out a novel with the first reviews being 5-stars. She looks forward to hearing more from future readers on her current and future works. She will be continuing Pearls of Time: Between Gods and Mortals as a series, while putting out short stories and several separate novels to come.
“I love when a book can keep me guessing until the end, and I aspire to give the same kind of suspense and fun to my readers.”

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Pearls of Time: Between Gods and Mortals (Dark Fantasy, Literary Fiction, Romance, Thriller)

pearls of timePearls of Time is a fantasy series that follows the punishment and paths of redemption of five Immortals who bring tragedy and ruin to Liansea, a world they cohabit with mortals of all kinds. Each Immortal has their own reasons for participating in what forever remains the closest to complete annihilation that mortals have ever come to, despite the wars that have happened between both in the past. Their achievement of god status comes at a cost to each of them, as their punishment, and each story unfolds an even deeper reason for the desire as well as the toll of the punishment they are delivered.

Between Gods and Mortals follows twins Lizia and Fayet in their experiences of redemption and a different view of mortals than what they had before. They both experience a different form of love for mortals. Lizia takes a more motherly and protective stance in general, and a special affection for those that arise ‘different’ from the others because of a choice she is forced to make.

Fayet, who is steered down a different path than before, by his sister grows curious about mortals and the impact that their apparent actions had on the ways of their once shared world. When his focus shifts to one peculiar mortal, he over time falls in love with them and chooses mortal form to be with her and create a family. With his family and his bond with Lizia, Fayet’s life would seem to be perfect but something else slowly becomes a dark and deadly part of his beloved reality as well. The road this leads to paves the family’s path into darkness, fear, and betrayal for more than one member and sends the family spiraling into chaos that seems to have no recovery or end in sight.

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