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Ava Morgan – Uprooted (The Grafters, Book I)


Uprooted: The Grafters, Book I (YA/Fantasy/Paranormal Romance)

UprootedA seventeen year-old girl with extraordinary abilities.

A mysterious high school senior with dryad blood in his veins.

A two hundred year-old curse.

An old legend exists in southeast Tennessee about a race of people in the Appalachian Mountains. The Grafters are born of dryad blood and are said to guard the forests. But an evil force threatens their existence…

Stevie Sanders is trying to fit in at her new high school in Houndsfoot, Tennessee. It’s bad enough that she had to move before her senior year, but now her secret abilities are getting harder to hide, especially in front of Kieran Blackthorn, the hot yet mysterious guy in her botany class. Who is he? Why does his strong bond with nature seem to be steeped in powers that Stevie can’t understand?

And why does she feel like her life is entwined with his, like branches on a vine?

UPROOTED (The Grafters, Book One) is for readers who enjoy stories about fantasy and mythological beings, dryads, fae creatures, paranormal creatures, teen and young adult fantasy paranormal romance.

Note: This book is intended for older teens. There are several fight scenes, as well as sexual situations, including the thoughts and feelings that come with them.


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