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Blogoff 2: The Animals of the Fantasy Series 5-Ever!

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The Animals of 5-Ever!

How They Came to be Part of Tam’s Tails & Tam’s Tales 😉

My daughter’s had the great idea of putting a bit of dialogue with each of the animals photo’s, who are currently a part of Tam’s Tails, and how they came to be a part of us.

As I have explained before we are a –NO kill-NO ADOPTION– Sanctuary (unless we are dealing with the rehabbing of wild animals. Then– those wilds attain release back to the wild, when they are ready.) Meaning– when they come to us, they stay with us… Until their called home by a greater power than we…

I recently had to put a halt to taking in household animals. As my home is only so big! In addition, we have begun to work towards a new farm and the adding of larger farm animals to the equation. We currently have 2 dogs, 5 cats and a very old Cockatiel, residing in our home with us. At the barn, we have a horse, a goat, (yes only one goat. Our dear Percy, having passed on last year 2015, due to an illness exacerbated by the raw cold, we fought here in Canada for 6 odd months,) and a cat recently dropped off.

The dogs, Brodie and Annie, were not strays as we willing brought them into our home. As is the same for our one cat, Cornelius. He was a pet my daughter brought home. Everybody else is a drop off, either found at the side of the road, or taken in from the humane society. That is why we started the sanctuary, so we could give more animals, a place in which, to be cared as well as loved.

The wild animals come and go seasonally, as I have had raccoon’s, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, and birds dropped at my door. In my earlier years before my children, I rehabbed baby foxes, sea gulls, many raccoon’s, and the odd skunk. (Now a ministry license is required to rehab any wilds that have the genetics to carry rabies. Which I am hoping to acquire next year.)

Imagine my surprise at a box between my doors on returning home one day, upon opening it, I find a hamster inside with a kitten! The hamster has since passed, but the cat remains and that cat is Smokey.

So we will start with Smokey, she is the matriarch, being a whopping 19 years old this year. She still has the spunk of a kitten, and her hour of play often heard upon the hardwood floors anytime from 3 am until sun up.

Smokey is the Boss over the felines of Norfolk in the 5-Ever Series.

Next–, we have Molly. Molly discarded in an Alleyway in Port Dover 12 years ago. I received a call that she had been found and that the people who found her, already had 3 cats in an apartment and just couldn’t keep her. So–, that is how we acquired our Molly.

Molly is the mediator between Smokey and Jacob in the 5-Ever Series. Being as Cub often finds himself getting into a lot of trouble. You will meet him soon.

Next–, we have Binx. Binx found in a closet, along with 12 other kittens. He was being kept from his mother for the entire day, the owner then only letting the kittens feed once a day around 4 pm. When he came to us, he was very scared of any noises, kept in the dark, with no window, and with no human conditioning– found him very timid. Brodie was about 8 weeks old when Binx moved in. He took to Binx immediately, as though he understood the little fella needed a friend, the two became inseparable. To the point that should a stray wander into the yard, Binx would run helter–skelter in search of Brodie, who would then stand at his side, before than chasing the stray from the property lines. I kid you not– we witnessed this on numerous occasions. Jokingly we would voice over for Binx–, saying to the stray ‘you had better get out of here, or I am going to get my big brother, and when I say big I mean it!’ Brodie having never hurt anything in his life, would then chase the stray to the property line before jauntily turning back to sit beside Binx.

Because Binx looks as though he is wearing a little pair of pants, he acquired the nickname –Fat Pants–.

As in real time, Binx and Brodie are fast friends in the 5-Ever Series. Always together having each other’s backs.

Next, we have Jacob. Now Jacob aka Cub, is quite the little character. I put his likeness to that of a 7-year-old boy. Cub– acquired through the Humane Society of Simcoe, he was in a cage with over 20 other kittens. When my daughter and I went to adopt a pup for my dad, for Father’s Day. Who, happens to be Rover in the series. After acquiring Rover, Jessica found it impossible, to leave the kitten that would literally push, the other kittens off the cage screen to attract her attention. When she walked away, he would go curl up in the corner. Upon approaching the cage again, Jacob was back. Front and center being sure to make himself known above everyone else. Jacob found in a drainpipe with 18 other kittens. He got his name by using Jess’s nickname ‘Jai’, and him being her cub, quickly became -Jai’s-cub-. Which was then of course Jacob.

It is so hard to catch a pic of Cub staying still. He is exactly like his character in the 5-Ever Series! Here, he can be seen praying that all kitties of the world, receive Temptations treats from time to time 😉

Finally one at rest!

Now we introduce Corny. You have seen him pop up on my blog pages occasionally. Why or how that happens I have no idea. Perhaps–, it is just the magic that is Cornelius. Corny is not a rescue, as my oldest acquired him from her Nan and Bacha. He had a hard time fitting in at first, unsure of the other animals, and when pet for too long he would become over stimulated. Unsure what to do with the extra energy, you found yourself getting a smack on more than one occasion 😉 However, with patience and consistency, Corny has become a well-adjusted member of the 5-Ever family.

This brings us to the Canine Section of 5-Ever. Broderick aka Brodie, Bro, Bee-ber or just plain B. Funny how we find our pets acquiring so many different nicknames.

Brodie is the initial star of the 5-Ever Series. An incredible dog, I had to give him a monumental role in the series. He has always had a heart every bit as big as his 120 lb frame. At the age of 2, he brought me an injured chipmunk the cats had gotten a hold off, carrying it ever so gentle in his mouth before than dropping it in my lap. As though he somehow knew, I was the one to take care of the little fella. Then at the age of 5, Brodie did his most heroic feat and one we will 5-Ever be indebted to him for. He saved my Mother-in-laws life! She had taken a pill, not meant for her, by mistake one Christmas morning. By 3am Boxing Day, Brodie had somehow became aware of her distress, as her body began shutting down. He awoke Amanda by tap dancing at her bedroom door, Amanda’s room being directly across from Goldie’s was the obvious door for him– I guess. When Goldie arrived at the hospital by ambulance, the Doctor said she was dying as they brought her through the doors, he said, if Brodie had not acted in such a timely manner we would have lost her… way before her time. So–, we add one more nickname to Brodie’s list and that one is –HERO–

…Brodie lying proudly with his new bestie, Lil Ann, or as I call her ‘Lil Pistol Annie’. Ann is now 2 years old.

We acquired Ann a couple of years after losing another matriarch ‘Magrew’. She was the last of a long line of Cocker Spaniels we bred, –way back when–. Being a wonderful companion, and an irreplaceable family member. Magrew also has a character in the series as a Ghost Dog.–In memory to Magrew she was 14 when she passed–. Brodie began going downhill very quickly when we lost Magrew. He quit greeting us at the door, his tail wagged less and less.

I began to realize he was lonely for canine company, somebody who spoke his language. So–, we introduced him to his now, ‘precious princess’, Lil Ann. Aka Annie, Annabelle, which then became Antebellum. I came up with the name Lil Ann, from watching Brodie and her together. They reminded me so much of one of the stories I would read weekly, in the old Time’s newspaper. I am not sure how many remember when the paper did that; they would feature a story and run a chapter weekly. It was the only paper, as I kid; I rushed home to read every Tuesday. The particular story, which I speak of, titled –Where the Red Fern Grows– Authored by Wilson Rawls. What an incredible story and Author. Anyways…The story had two red bone hounds, brother and sister; named Dan and Lil Ann. the two dogs were inseparable, much like Bro and Ann. In the next few pictures you will see why Lil Ann.

Brodie will deny her nothing, as seen here. She took Brodie’s treat and his bed.

Though bigger, she is still a creature of comfort. Believing she is Queen Ann incarnate, she sleeps were-ever she so wishes. 😉

I have chosen this pic to show you size comparison. In this picture, Annie is 2 years old. She is the same breed as Brodie, ‘Golden Retriever’. Both are pure breeds. We think we figured out what happened to her size. Besides having been tapped, with an –oompa loompa– wand. Annie loves to snuggle, and every night without fail, she is on my lap as soon as I finish barn chores, for her nightly snuggle. As she began to grow, I warned her, any bigger and she could no longer be a lap dog. Well she showed me…she quit growing. 🙂 The girls teasingly call her –Can’t get right–. We are unsure why Ann is of such small stature, but she is healthy and happy, and that’s all that matters to me. She can remain our perma-pup is she so choses.

‘Darn Humans! Let them on the couch once… and they believe they can lay on it whenever they wish! (Lil Ann and me)

Now– on to the Equine of the Series. This is Sheeba, AKA Sheebs, Baby, Babe, or Shugs. We took Sheebs in when she was 14 months old.

Sheebs is a lady of high breeding. Her original owner, having had, great expectations for our dear Sheebs. She was born to race, and at the age of 5 now, she is still every bit the hot blooded racer she was born to be. For she is often seen, ripping up the pasture as her Long legs, and barreled chest, attest to the speeds she can deliver. It cost her initial owner, a whopping –$6000. Large–, to breed this beauty. Obviously, heart sick when she was born with a front leg impairment. An impairment that stopped Sheeba’s career, before it even started, and could have put an end to her young life. On hearing her predicament my dad got a hold of me, telling me there was a beautiful lil filly asking if I would give her a home. 🙂 Little! Pffft. Nevertheless, yes, very beautiful, and I suppose she is a little extra special for a few reasons.

She was the last farm animal my father and me had in common. Over the years of growing up on ‘Winding Hill’, I was dad’s farm hand. Feeding the cows, sometimes pigs, goats, rabbits and chickens, before and after school. It was a love we shared, the farm and her animals. He is gone now, so Sheeb’s holds an extra special pocket in my <3.

So–, off we go to look at the– quarter horse who needed a home… Yes, quarter horse, somewhere along the line someone had told dad it was quarter horses, this man bred. Imagine my surprise, when this –16 hand– Standard bred beauty, towering over me, nudged me with her moose size head. It was love at first sight. We talked further with the breeder getting some info on her. We discovered, her sire–, a stallion that had won a cool million racing, and he, the breeder, had big expectations for our young Sheebs, but… like me, Sheebs had a front leg impairment that ended her career before it even started. Reason number two–, we were automatic soul mates.

She was born pigeon hoof, her front hoof turning inward. She could not race, for when hooked up to her sulky and running that front hoof would then slice across her back leg, cutting her while in a full gallop. Thereby ending, the gentleman’s hope of another ‘million dollar baby’.

The humor in the situation was my father, having told me for many years growing up, and throughout the different horses on the farm. That –a racehorse had no place on a farm–. They were hay burners and made to run, not to work and, when one lived on a farm, one worked. He knew the look I was casting him, when he said, ‘well, you gonna load her up or what?’ Yes, she had managed in a few short minutes to win him over as well.

Once we had her home, we talked about all the other large animals that had limited options, of being taken in, as it is very expensive feeding them. Where one might spend 700.00 dollars a year feeding a couple of dogs. Sheeba alone would eat 2000.00 dollars, worth of hay, not to mention worm meds, sweet feed, hoof trimming, as well as a myriad of other expenses that find a way to pop up. She also had to be green broke, as her impairment had ended her in a pasture with very little handling. I managed to ride Sheeba twice, after a family friend green broke her for us. It was after our talk, I told my father my idea of an Animal Sanctuary for large animals, and how Sheebs would be our matriarch, having been the inspiration for the idea. Dad, though excited about the venture died three years after getting Sheebs, and my dream almost went with him. Without dad, and with all the problems that come with the loss of a patriarch, part of the farm ended up being sold off, putting an end to affordable feed. Not sure where this was all going to lead, I was about to throw in the towel. Until one night I dreamt of dad, he stood in front of me, in his overalls and flannel shirt, reminding me how he did not raise a quitter! Years before, when I went thru for my H.C.A. he could not understand why I went to helping people, when my God given gift was animals. So–, when had I spoke to him about the sanctuary a grin covered his face as though I had finally come around to my senses.

That dream, as well as remembering our conversation spurred me on. As I decided then, even if I was one armed and learning to live with my impairment, with the help of my daughters and my husband, I could still make my dream come true. Alas, this is how Tam’s Tails came into being, and the beginning of the Five-Ever Series. I may not be able to work a 9-5 as my impairment has me on some heavy medication, and every day dictates what I can and cannot do.

I should add, for those of you like me that are reading this. I acquired my first injuring, working as a deckhand aboard commercial fishing tug. My dad, the Captain of a commercial fishing vessel as well as a farmer, would call on me to help him deck when one of his deckies did not show up.

I then became the first female deckhand at the tender age of 12, to work from the Ports of Port Dover and Port Stanley. Which I then started as a full-time deckie at the age of 17 until the age of 24. After which I then put myself through school to become an HCA. That job resulted in a re-injury of my initial injury. Having already had shoulder repair, the second injury totalled me. Specialists and surgeons did all they could, but I was irreparable. They then warned me that my shoulders would continue to slip from the socket, and on such time it did not go back in, I would then need my arm fused to my body.

I continue to have flare ups, due to my shoulders slipping from the sockets. The initial injury, now having resulted in me acquiring Spondylosis of the cervical spine, Arthritis, as well as a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. It is in chasing my dream that has gotten me out of my bed and back into life, by simply accepting my limitations and working with them, instead of against them. I still suffer some deep depression from time to time, no longer able to do what I use too. Nevertheless, thanks to the animals and my families support, my spirit is slowly healing.

Having been a physical laborer, and loving all it entailed, I now had to learn to be a cerebral laborer. So–, here I am at the age of 50, yet again reinventing myself.

For all of you out there who have felt some of life’s hard knocks, and when it feels like all is doom and gloom that there is nowhere else to turn…Don’t give in, Don’t give up, and never ever, Toss Your Dreams!

…This particular blog is one I have done of a personal nature, not my usual blog and certainly longer than most. However, I felt it was necessary, for all who are interested in what it is we are trying to do here at Tam’s Tails, to have the complete story behind the dream. Now understanding how instrumental Sheeba is in the Sanctuary, as well as the 5-Ever Series, she just had, to have a place in the books!

Me and Sheebs.

Next–, we will move onto the Ruminants of Tams Tails and of Tams Tales.

Meet Maximus. He is one of two Pygmy goats that became a part of Tam’s Tails, 2 years ago.

Unfortunately, the little buddy who came with him, Percius, has since passed. Leaving Max to then buddy up with Sheeba, and recently he too has adopted a drop off, Barnadette aka Barny, the newest member to the clan.

Max is quite the little fella. He amazes me every day at his shear strength, regardless his miniature status. His agility of climbing along thin rails, and jumping matched only by the feline in his life. Maximus is a creature of habit, and you do not want to break routine where he is concerned.

For a resounding bang will be heard across the countryside, as Max unashamedly will put horn to wood without a seconds thought. He is loving, and gracious, in the way he shares his side of the barn, with the newest addition a feline, a drop off, cast out at the farm while pregnant. However, he does feel if sharing his barn, then it is only fair, the cat should have to share her Temptations treats, in order to keep the peace. Yes, he eats temptations, if, I do not get to him soon enough. One day not long ago, I am sure I looked quite the fool chasing Max back and forth. As he would grab a mouthful of Barny’s temptations and then run away while chewing them up, before greedily going back for another mouthful. Yes, we have butted heads a few times, but I simply adore my little Ruminant.

Now by Ruminant, for those unfamiliar to the term, it simply means an animal that chews their cud. Cows, sheep, deer, even giraffes, are of the ruminant family. An old myth is that a cow has four stomachs. When in fact that is not quite the case, they do however have four chambers in their stomach. NOT, four stomachs. Goats are quite similar, in that they have four chambers to their stomach as well.

Here, you can see Max eating at his fruit table, remember how I mentioned a man of routine. He eats his apple chunks every single day from his log table.

Here you see Maximus sharing his supper with Babe, as just the bottom of her chin made the picture.

My one fear is Max accidently hurting her with his horns. As he loves to challenge her for her bucket of sweet feed. The same as he gets, but for some unknown reason–, Sheebs always seems more inviting. I have had to dress a wound of her eye, whereon his standing on his hind feet in order to reach her bucket, resulted in her getting a horn to the eye.

I have to reiterate, as I have just recently discovered what the exact difference was with the food buckets. No, it was not the color. When Max first came to us, he wanted nothing to do with carrots so his bucket got no carrots. Apparently, since coming to stay he has acquired the taste for carrots, as I noticed one day while mucking, he actually picked up a hunk dropped by Sheebs. I have since started shredding some carrots for his treat bucket as well, Wahlah! He no longer challenges Sheebs for her morsels.

Max’s personality and ability to adapt, made him a must, for a character in the 5-Ever Series. He has brought much laughter, joy, and companionship, not only to me but to the critters at the barn as well.

Come back often, as– I will continue to add the critters often.

Here is the poor lil doll that found herself tossed, to a life of fear and unknowing, by some unfeeling person. Unbeknownst to her at the time, it was actually her lucky day that day, for she won the –barn cat lottery–.

Barnadette– dropped off last winter with a belly full of kittens. She is a loving cat, one who is affectionate and very unselfish in showing her affection. She cannot get enough love. She is also very hard to get a decent pic of, for when she sees you, she wants to be on your lap.

She is gracious and loving. As well as being a new mother.

Here is a picture of Barnadette’s new babes. The babes are a bit bigger now, with their eyes open. They are healthy and full of kitty spunk. As I reach in to pet them, a resounding display of spit and hiss ensues. I will add a more up to date photo soon.

As we can see by the markings, at least one is female. I am unsure of the other three as of yet. For those unaware of the fact, tri-colored cats are –almost always–, female, as it takes two X chromosomes to make the tri-color. Males are an XY chromo.

I added the almost, for the simple fact that with Mother Nature– one, should never become so contrite as to think she will not throw– a link to the kink.

Until next time folks, Blessed Be, Tam.

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