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Blogoff 2: Write Like You’re Naked

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I don’t like other people seeing me naked unless it’s someone I care about, and we are about to indulge ourselves in some erotic pleasure. In writing, I feel much the same. I hate revealing pieces of me to the world that I have yet to overcome. For me, if the words don’t bleed as I write them than the piece is not worth telling. A work that has words bleeding from my fingertips is a work that is showing my reader a part of me.

I want to write in such a way that it feels like I am taking off every layer of clothing I have on one at a time. I want to seduce the reader into thirsting for more of my words. A promise I make as a writer is that if my words can not move one person than I am a failure at being naked. I want you to be drawn to my red lipstick as I whisper words on a page trying to evoke your emotion like rain on a cloudy day. I will form words that remind you of all those sleepless nights you had dreaming about the one who got away like the echoes of the latest pop song.

My words will engage your eyes as my slim fingers take a small string from my tank top to place it on the floor leaving my breasts open for your eyes. If you look away just once than my words have done what they need to. They have affected you for better or worse. When I step closer tasting the whisky on your lips as I try to apologize for all the wrong we do but you can feel the softness of my nipple rubbing against your shirt. We built this craft together, you and I.

I want your heart to stop for a second as I breath heavily in your hair trying to express my happiness of your touch. If you are not feeling me I will yank your shirt over your head trying to cover the little space between us ever more. I want to grip the thoughts of your mind, and tear open the drips of heart that leak through your core. If my words are escaping you as I whisper alluring in your ear you can always take a second to re-read them.

I am naked for your eyes to read. I am a soul lining up behind the other souls awaiting for my chance to ignite a spark in those eyes. A fire is a desire we can’t resist. My depression leaks out of me as I infatuate myself with your soul. I want to consume you as I feel your warm hands tearing off my jeans like a savage beast. You need to desire my words like a raging fire as water showers down on it.

The feeling of our bodies being connected as one should light up the sky like a lone star before it fades into the darkness. We can feel like two fish who kissed before swimming away feeling the distance pulling us back. We are like birds from the same feathered family making a nest only to have a storm knock it out of our tree. My words should bring you to a climax that makes you want to go again, and again at my words like a lover who can’t get enough of my touch.

I am naked for your hands to caress like a sweet voice in your ear. You can’t put me down as each page brings forth a yearning for more. You can’t stop till the end. We can’t let this end in ice as we walk a thin line to the ending of our story. Your rawness feels like thunder before lightning crashes. I am open for you to take as you need without regret. I am empty like a glass cup as you look away. I am undressing for your entertainment ripping my soul open for your eyes. You, and I created this craft, and together we will see it through.

I believe the best way to write is to open the beast in your soul and just let the words bleed out. Anyways, Thank you for reading this lovely entertaining post of how a writer feels for their readers. Shares and comments are welcome.

Jessica Cote

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