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Brigette Manie – Someone Like You: June 2nd-4th

Someone Like You

Someone Like You: Five Brothers Books (Romance/Inspirational/Literary Fiction)

Someone Like YouStacy Williams is bold, confident, and adventurous. One of the best teachers in the church school system where she teaches, she is staggered to find out that despite her competence and excellent teaching skills, she is expendable in the game of religious politics. In short order, she finds herself out of a job; and very shortly she’ll be out of status with the imminent expiration of her visa. She does what she knows to do best, which is to petition God’s throne for a solution to her problem.

Nate Roach is a cynic with no illusions about love. Betrayed by a woman in the past, he does not believe in sincerity and loyalty. He trusts no one and wants nothing to do with women. So, he’s not appreciative of the irritant called Stacy Williams coming into his life. His guard shoots up at her familiar manner and mesmerizing smile.

Yet despite the animosity he has towards her, Nate finds himself pulled to her pizazz. Stacy, too, finds that she likes Nate in spite of his reticent personality. They form a friendship; and as she gets to know him, Stacy begins to feel much more than friendship for this man. When she senses a mutual interest in Nate for her, it enters her mind that the solution to her status problem might be staring her in the face. But can she put on the line the trust that this man has risked to place in her?


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