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Marquitz, Martin and Soward – Those Poor, Poor Bastards


It isn’t often that we can say a new release is out co-written by 2 authors featured here on the …

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Tim Marquitz – To Hell and Back

To Hell And Back

To Hell and Back: A Demon Squad Collection (Urban Fantasy) To Hell and Back features the first three Demon Squad …

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Heidi C. Vlach – Serpents of Sky

Serpents of Sky: Nine stories of Dragons (Fantasy/Science-Fiction) A collection of fantasy and science fiction stories exploring the many roles …

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Stevie Kopas – Haven

Haven Cover

Haven (Horror/Thriller/Science-Fiction) The end of the world is not glamorous. The survivors of The Breadwinner have barely escaped the clutches …

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Glyn Smith-Wild – The Reckoning

The Reckoning ECover Amazon

The Reckoning: A Story of Revenge, Resistance and Resolve The Reckoning starts as Mary recovers from a near-fatal knife attack. …

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Ava Morgan – The Armored Doctor: Curiosity Chronicles #2


The Armored Doctor: Curiosity Chronicles #2 (Science-Fiction/Romance) COIC affiliate Dr. Jacob Valerian is considered an eccentric by London society. Bearing …

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Tom Reinhart – Das Vampir

Das Vampir1

Das Vampir (Horror/Short Story) Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no …

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Drew Bankston – The Imagination Stone

The Imagination Stone

The Imagination Stone (Fantasy) Michelangelo did his best work in Rome. It was exciting and vibrant, unlike his works in …

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S.G. Night – Talonfall: A Short Story of the Three Acts of Penance


Talonfall (Fantasy) It has been 106 years since the Demonic Dominion conquered Io. 106 years since they enslaved Humanity, banished …

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Ian R. Kaye – Rainbow in the Sky (The Shellies)


Rainbow in the Sky (Children’s/Short Stories) Another fantastic adventure with The Shellies

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Tom Reinhart – Hegemonian

Tom R

Hegemonian (Fantasy) An ancient world. A savage but noble warrior. A weapon of the gods. A dangerous land filled with …

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Malcolm Powell – Hell or Empire: The Lords Omnibus

The Lords Omnibus

Hell or Empire: The Lords Omnibus (Science-Fiction) Grace Turnbull a tough girl from Glasgow abducted along with countless others from …

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Mercedes M. Yardley – Nameless: The Darkness Comes


Nameless: The Darkness Comes – Bone Angel Trilogy (Dark Fantasy/Romance) LUNA MASTERSON SEES DEMONS. She has been dealing with the …

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Ilyan Kei Lavanway – An Aviator at Heart

An Aviator At Heart

An Aviator at Heart (Non-Fiction/Memoirs/YA) Experience the triumphs and failures of a young Aviator in this true life story. Muster …

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Catherine Taylor – Master


Master (Erotic Romance) Seventeen years before a wild Kiwi gymnast fell in love with a strict English chauffeur, there came …

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Malcolm Powell – The Lords of Empire


The Lords of Empire (Science-Fiction) The planet Heaven, where Grace Turnbull’s adventures began, was attacked, attacked by the same people …

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Alaina Stanford – The Light of His Sword

Alaina Discover

The Light of His Sword: Archangel Series, Book 1 (Suspense/Thriller) Demon worship calls for sacrifice. Alyssa takes her little girl …

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J.L.Murray – Jenny Undead

Jenny Undead

Jenny Undead: The Thirteen, Book 1 (Science-Fiction/Dystopian/Post-Apocalyptic) Warning: This book contains strong language, zombies, knives, guns, and violence. In a …

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Mike Smart – The Platinum Solution

The Platinum Solution (Thriller) The De Heerden brothers have some big plans for South Africa which they intend to see …

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Everyday Heroes: A Charity Anthology

Everyday Heroes (Fantasy Anthology) Heroes are all around us, hidden in the places we least expect it. From the lowly …

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