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Awful Management

Awful Management: Turn Left or Right? (Leadership/Self-Help/Short Stories)

Awful ManagementDo you hate “Awful management”? Want to learn from the mistakes of others? Need an accessible guide to improving an organisation? Whatever your role, you can make a big difference by reading “Awful Management”. The author’s humorous journey from labourer to plc Chairman gives real life examples of practical ways to stop “Awful Management”. Learn how to get fast results by focusing on the people.

Pulitzer Prize nominee, O.Kay Jackson, says of “Awful Management”-
“Most ‘How to manage a business’ books quickly find their place at my bedside to combat insomnia. Three pages in and I’m out like a light. “Awful Management” is the notable exception!

By showing the downside inherent in poor management the book enlightens toward the good. Witty, interesting, thought provoking, challenging and inspiring, it stands as the new leader in its genre.

Read it, directors and direct better. Read it, managers, and manage better. Read it, employees, and develop quicker. Read it students, in preparation for the work place. Read it for the chuckles or the guidance, but without a doubt, read it!”

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