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Free: Michelle Medhat’s Connected: The Shift: Aug 27th-28th

The Shift

Connected: The Shift (Thriller/Commercial Fiction)

The ShiftAfter the events of Connected: The Call, many questions remain unanswered. What isn’t Ellie telling? What will be Sam’s retribution? And what is Salim going to do next? Connected: The Shift picks up almost immediately from where The Call left off, plunging Ellie and Sam into a world where nothing is what it seems. Lives will be betrayed, revenge will be delivered and actions will be taken to excess. In the desire for power, only one will remain ‘white of heart’.

The roller-coaster ride that is Sam and Ellie’s new reality doesn’t hold back, barrelling ahead at a breakneck speed that they can’t control as they are catapulted into increasingly dangerous and incomprehensible situations.

Now all they have to do is survive the next seventy-two hours. Their only hope is to use all their abilities to overcome the accursed forces that threaten their lives and the world around them.

But will their abilities be enough when they face the darkest force of all…?


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