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Funding – Jonathan Hop’s Journey to the Middle Kingdom


Our latest highlighted Funding project, comes courtesy of Jonathan Hop

Start Date: 8th October 2013
Duration: 30 Days
Funding Goal: $10’000

jonathan hop

Three kids are chosen by the Jade Emperor to journey back in time to save Chinese history with the help of magical calligraphy brushes.

Journey to the Middle Kingdom goes back through the mists of time, to ancient China, where many heroes of fantasy and folklore are missing. Someone, or something, is behind the disappearances, and without its heroes, ancient China is in danger of being plunged into chaos. Three young adults, Michelle, Jason, and Sabrina, are sent back through time and space by the Jade Emperor, King of Chinese heaven, to fix Chinese history and make sure Chinese fables happen the way they should.

To help them on their journey, the Jade Emperor grants the heroes three magical calligraphy brushes. The brushes allow the user to draw a Chinese character in the air. Whatever you write, becomes real. Provided you know how to write the character, of course. Each hero’s calligraphy brush is engraved with a special character that reflects their personality.

If you are interested in the project do get involved. Visit Jonathan’s Kickstarter page RIGHT HERE and watch the video for more details on what’s involved and some of the great rewards on offer for pledging support.


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