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Jae V. Reece – The Fallen: The Paesian Prologues

The Fallen: The Paesian Prologues (YA/Fantasy)

THEFALLEN_COVERFollowing the harrowing tale of six individuals, The Fallen is a collection of short stories set in the fantasy world, Paesia. Fight with the young winged-prince Leiden as he is faced with a barbaric Daemon army that invades his city. Discover the secrets of the ice with Oba as he ventures into the ancient ruins above his nomad town to impress a girl. Accompany the elven princess, Phirra, as benevolent dryad spirit claims that she is chosen to protect the forest from a fiery evil. Flee with Zerale the bard as he tries to outrun the lies and the troubles of his past. Feel Mayomin’s grief as she witnesses her father’s rebellion fall and tries to flee the guards that are trying to make her pay for his crimes. Journey on with Arosad as he travels the dusty crags of Quinn towards an ancient evil that has been unleashed. Full of magic, discovery, betrayal, blood and death, The Fallen is the debut novel from young Australian author Jae V. Reece and it is not to be missed!

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