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Kathe Todd – Demon Bringer: Darkshield Book 1

Demon Bringer

Demon Bringer: Darkshield Book 1 (Fantasy/Romance)

Demon BringerWhen young adventurer Ferdyn Longblade met teenage virgin Adara Willoughby on the road to the capital, there was only one thing on his mind: how to convince the lovely Adara to part with her maidenhead. But there is more to Adara than meets the eye. For she bears the Darkshield, an ancient artifact of great magical power. An evil magus with the ability to command demons from another universe has sought it for most of her life, killing her parents in the process. And now she is seeking him, to avenge her parents and put an end to him – and his demons – once and for all. Romance, high adventure, and sizzling sex combine in the first volume of a new, fun series.


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