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Kathe Todd – Tomb of the Kobold King

Darksheild 2

Tomb of the Kobold King: Darkshield Book 2 (Fantasy/Romance)

darksheild 2With the demon bringer dead and gone, and enough gold to keep her in luxury for the rest of her life, Adara is still not content. She wants excitement, adventure, and the chance to discover forgotten knowledge. Starting with what really happened, eleven years ago, when the Swinzen invaded her home and she fled into the night. Along the way she’ll meet a dark, handsome stranger with a hidden past, acquire a remarkable animal companion, discover a family she never knew she had, and uncover the ancient secrets of the vanished kobolds. Swords-and-sorcery adventure mixes with humor and x-rated romance in the second volume of the Darkshield series.


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