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Leila Lacey – Shelby’s Awakening


Shelby’s Awakening: Legacy Series, Book III (Romance)

ShelbyShelby Beasley has lost her child with the only man she ever loved. She had narrowly escaped with her life. Can this Southern Belle recover from her pain and family secrets to give her passion with Logan Chandler a chance?

Logan Chandler has let his past push Shelby away from him. He had finally realized that no matter where they came from they were meant to me together. But is it too late? After the tragedy of an accident that almost takes Shelby’s life can she forgive Logan for all the mistakes he has made? Or will Beasley Family Legacy continue to keep them apart.

After being in a terrible car accident that almost cost her, her life, Shelby Beasley decides to make some changes to her life. One of them is her relationship with Logan Chandler. Logan too has come to some revelations about what he wants from his on again, off again love with Shelby. Can these two hot and fiery southerners come to an understanding and find love. Or will the crumble of the Beasley Family keep them apart.

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