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Review: Bill Bolton’s In Search of Piétons: a photo documentary

In Search Of

in search ofPhotographs of pedestrian crossing signs in France is not my usual book. I am not a photographer and nor am I a specialist in visual art. I do however like what I like and I love things that aren’t mainstream. I also love people who put their projects out in the world for no personal gain but to support worthy causes and In Search of Pietons profits go to Cancer Fit, Inc. and Best Friends Animal Society so that’s an added bonus. Whilst the technical elements in the collection, the description of what camera was used and which lens did what, mean absolutely nothing to me, the idea that a man can go for a walk with his family and discover something that, quite literally, illuminates his life is just a beautiful thing. We all rush through life never taking the time to really view the world around us, as pressure and time constraints play havoc in our daily duties, and the fact that something can stand out and change you if you just open your eyes is almost poetic.

Bolton describes in detail everything he photographs and why, and whilst I do not comprehend everything he writes, I ‘get’ why. I ‘get’ that beauty is hidden in often the most mundane things and Bolton has a passion that jumps off the page and grabs your attention. The stories of how he found each sign, the events that unfolded and the people he met make for a lovely memoir but the 25 images are stunning. Each a piece of art in their own right, and deserving of at least this book, but I could imagine attending a gallery and being surrounded by those who pretend or do actually know more than me, all standing around with a glass of wine describing what each does to their soul and the like.

Particular images that stood out to me were Image 12 – Victor, Image 15 – Laurent, and Image 16 – Oliver, whose red light man had an almost robotic sci-fi feel to it.

***** 5 Stars!



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