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Review – David Edwards’ The Black Hand Gang

The Black Hand Gang

The Black Hand GangA book about how Facebook has taken over the world that isn’t actually non-fiction? Colour me intrigued. What you actually get is not a book about Zuckerman and his reach but a fictional tale about a game on Facebook called World Domination. The intelligence services believe the game is a cover for a mysterious evil crime boss to manipulate the world’s stock markets and Madame Musseine is certainly up to something. When four friends play the game, it leads to them being recruited by a joint taskforce of MI6 and C.I.A. and a journey to prevent World Domination becoming just that.

What started out as an intriguing idea unfortunately became quite normal very quickly. I will admit I am not the market that David Edwards is aiming at with The Black Hand Gang reading like it is more Young Adult than conspiracy but this is not necessarily a bad thing. As I was reading through my review notes I imagined my children being enthralled by the idea of a Facebook game being used to take over the world and softened my disappointment slightly, realising that if we are to grab the next generation of readers then we need to speak to them and use hooks that are involved in their daily lives. This is what Edwards has done. I am not a Facebook gamer, I rarely visit the site at all, but my teenage boys do and are involved in farm building, and crystal mining and whatever other nonsense games they can get themselves in trouble with, so a game like World Domination and the adventure that followed would be right up their street.

I am sure if one of my fifteen year old’s was reviewing this title the score would higher but as a 39 year old I can only go so far.

**** 3 1/2 Stars!!!



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