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Review – M.L.S. Weech’s The Journals Of Bob Drifter

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61HFWWZ3o3L._SL1000_Bob Drifter is a teacher from Arizona but he is also over three hundred years old and a Journeyman, tasked with taking the souls of the near dead to the afterlife. Local policeman Richard Heartly begins to suspect that Drifter is involved in some recent deaths after a man fitting his description is seen around some recent deceased people and a fingerprint turns up during the investigation into a hospital death.

Grimm is a black-souled Journeyman intent on finding a way to actually kill humans and take their soured souls to create more black-souled Journeymen to use for his own needs. Bob Drifter and his fellow Journeymen must find a way to stop the evil Grimm.

The book, whilst driven mainly by journal entries, is engaging. The first section you learn a bit of the real Bob Drifter and his reasons for looking after souls and his own emotional state when it comes to handling death. This part of the book is incredible and I like the insights that Weech gives to the more human acts than to the supernatural elements, building Bob as a great human rather than just a soul collector. The battles and confrontations with Grimm are well written and make the more supernatural feeling of the book come to life, and it’s certainly an enjoyable novel that leaves the reader hoping for a sequel of some description. My only complaint is that the very delicate and enthralling insights from the beginning of the book don’t continue through every character and, after such a great build, the story seems to rush itself into the supernatural. That being said I thoroughly enjoyed the read and would welcome a second volume.

**** 4 Stars!


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