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The upcoming AUTHOR RESOURCES feature

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We are looking at developing a new section here on The Showcase. One in which we are planning on providing details on companies and individuals that can assist the independent author, both pre and post-publication. This will hopefully create an environment where these service providers have a place to showcase their skills, and provide a platform where they can give details on the services that they offer that are of benefit to independent authors.

Resource pages will consist of: Company/Individual Images, Biographies, Services Offered, and Contact Details. Pages will also regularly be promoted through our newly created SPS Resource Database twitter account. You can check it out here – SPS Resources on Twitter

We are still in the development stage at the moment as we look to build up interest and involvement, but hopefully this is something we can roll out before the end of July.

If you are an author… watch this space. If you are an individual or company that believes you can benefit from advertizing your services with us, then drop us an email, using the contact form below, for more information on our typically low rates.

Next time you are looking to find your cover artist, editor, book trailer creator or even small-press publisher you’ll know where to come.

Keep Believing!

The SPS Resource Team

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