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Win a £50 book voucher and signed copy of Time Trap

Time Trap

Author Richard Smith is offering One lucky person a £50 Waterstone’s book voucher (usable on line the world over) and a personalized, signed copy of his latest book, Time Trap.

Who was the mysterious Hector Lightfoot? What was he up to when he disappeared, and who were the two ghosts once seen in his house? School friends Jamie and Todd are destined to find out when they go to London to spend a weekend with Jamie’s Uncle Simon, who now lives in that very house. Soon after they arrive, Jamie has a frightening encounter with the two ghosts.

Enter now to have the chance to win a £50 Waterstones’ book voucher (usable on line anywhere in the world) and a signed copy of Richard Smith’s Time Trap.

In Time Trap, Hector Lightfoot was once a captain in the British Army, which war was he involved in? Handy Hint: You will find the answer on the homepage of Richard’s Website.

Richard’s Website


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