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What Inspires Me? by Morgan


What Inspires me? What lights the candle of my imagination and sets the flame burning high? What is it that opens the floodgates of words, like a rapid, rushing torrent into my thoughts to overtake me, sweep me up and away, bearing me upon the tide into the depths of any ocean?

It is difficult to define that precise place where a fanciful notion or musing thought becomes greater than itself, steps beyond the precipice of promise and unfolds into a blooming illusion filled with imagery, lyricism and emotion; yet I shall endeavor to relate some portion of the mystery, if I am able, for there are times when, I too, barely comprehend it.

Words stand ready at any given moment, whether newly awakened or late blooming in the deep recesses of the night, to burst from their sheltered waiting place and spiral into lyrics and phrases that tempt the mind’s eye, pluck at the tender heartstring, or turn a mirthful corner of a smile. Like a madman’s mind, held captive to his whimsy by irrationality, so too am I held in the ever abiding embrace of words, in so powerful a manner and so inescapable a fashion that, when my gaze alights upon an image that strikes interest, it takes little more than a momentary pause to release the deluge.

Music plays an integral role in this process, spinning a web that surrounds me, encases me, sustains my Imagination and nurtures the soul. Whether it is Classical, New Age, themes from soundtracks, or even Depeche Mode, music lends its gracious light to everything I write, shimmering in the background or blazing like a ruddy fire in the midst of each word. Music is magic as precious and essential to me as vocabulary and grammar, serenading nearly every waking moment.

Spirit Speaks unfalteringly and blends its gracious beauty into my thoughts and words through Blessing alone. I believe each living, breathing being and creature embodies a living Spirit that extends from and ultimately returns to The Source of all Life. The Spirit Speaks unceasingly; whispering mystery; shouting quietly, proclaiming every truth we need to understand; singing in harmony with the longing for Love, Hope, Peace and Joy that sits upon the throne of each heart. I Listen, as best as I am able, by opening my heart without questioning, trusting the Love I know so well; smiling in its poetic embrace each time it reveals itself and I am ever…EVER…amazed and humbled by the Beauty that stems from this Source.

Inspiration rides the currents of these tides, like a galleon rocking in the tempestuous ocean of my thoughts; sailing upon the languid currents; whirling in the magnificent splendor of the maelstrom and, often, it is all I am able to do to hang on.


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