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Welcome to our FAQ Section. The fact that you’ve made it to here shows you are probably looking for some assistance creating extra exposure for your work. Here are a few important questions and answers that may help you right now:

I’ve written and self-published/small press published a book. I’d like more people to be aware of it. Am I in the right place?

You certainly are. We pride ourselves in assisting our authors in gaining exposure. You’ve sweated blood and tears into getting your work out there, and a larger audience is the least you deserve. Join with us and that is exactly what we’ll be working on.

What does The Showcase do?

We are a very affordable promotional assist. We provide you with an Author page, consisting of your personal bio, links to all of your social personas and websites, your works (as many as you like) and links to all places where your work may be purchased (including affiliate links). We also interview you, encourage your participation in our blog, and if you allow us, we’ll arrange competitions for your fans.

There is, of course, the social side of things too. We use Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest to market your work. At the same time, we utilize social bookmarking to open you up to an ever-increasing audience.

I am an aspiring author, but I am yet to publish. Can I still sign up for your service?

We think it’s only fair that you have work coming out at least in the upcoming SIX months. Anything longer would be difficult to justify on our part.

Are there any works that you will not accept?

We would ask at this point that should we refuse to Showcase your work that you do not offend. We will always supply written reasons as to our decisions. We for obvious reasons will NOT accept any work of a sexual nature involving characters under the age of 18 or any work containing hate messages of any description.

How much exposure will I get?

Results thus far are very good, especially if you actively share your page across Twitter and Facebook on a regular basis. Our Twitter accounts are totaling over 300’000 prospective readers and counting, and through the use of relevant hashtags the amount of potential readers we can reach is almost limitless. Author pages can receive anywhere from 80 to over 1000 unique visitors a month – The more involved you are in helping to advertise your page with us, the greater the potential rewards.

Should you have anything else at this point that you would like to ask, please let us know by using the contact form below.