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November 2023 Author of the Month

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C.A. Meadows is a native of Southern California who now resides in New Jersey, having lived in Virginia and South Carolina in between. She is a natural redhead with Italian and Irish heritage. She lives with her boyfriend of three years and their four children (two biological children each). She published her debut novel, Lost in a Nightmare, mid April of this year. Genres she enjoys to write and read are thrillers (mainly psychological), horror, suspense, historical fiction and fantasy.
Her love of all things horror started at the age of fourteen after watching Rose Red by Stephen King but she didn’t really get into reading and writing until highschool. She is highly fascinated with Greek Mythology, art and Astronomy, which you will find in her books. She was a ballerina from the age of four until eighteen when she hurt her back, ending her dance career.
She is currently working on two books, one is another thriller and one is from her 2016 self which is a fantasy. She is also toying with the idea of a dance related novel. She is a certified makeup artist, attended schooling for esthetics and holds an associates degree. Between four kids, working full time and writing, she enjoys trips to any beach, reading and spending time with her family.

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Lost in a Nightmare (Mythology, Suspense, Thriller)

Elle moved away from her hometown to Washington DC. She works at a small bookstore with a love for and a degree in art history. Shortly after she moved, her best friend, Grace, moved to DC for a fresh start after a nasty breakup. One night, Elle has a nightmare that fully freaks her out and chills her to her bones. The energy Elle begins to put off after the nightmare also intimidates her cat who becomes borderline afraid of her. As the nights go on, the nightmare proceeds and worsens. Leaving her scared and injured in the real world, when she wakes up.
The nightmare shows itself in her everyday life, in small fragments, letting the nightmare constantly linger in her mind. The owner of the bookstore she works at, starts to notice changes in Elle and gives her a mysterious black book in hopes that it will help Elle escape a terrifying fate and end the nightmare once and for all.
Along the way, she meets many people, some who are helpful, some who are helpless and some who cause more trouble than good. She eventually gets stuck in the nightmare, unable to wake herself up. As she roams the creepy house, with paintings watching her every move, ready to pounce, she wonders if she will ever be able to wake up.
In her waking world, her closest friend and a few others struggle to help pull her from her nightmare. Will she be eternally stuck or will she be able to herself from her sleeping dread and regain control of her conscious mind?

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