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30-day Book Launch

book launchHere at The Self Publishers’ Showcase we offer Tweet only membership. You can utilize this without joining, or you can do this in addition to Full membership. You can currently buy 100-400 tweets to use as and when you require (see here). However, for book launches we’ve been told that you want more! The authors that have tried our new 90-day package have reported back great results.

The rates, for tweets spread across 30 days, are as follows:

150 tweets (5 per day) @ $40
300 tweets (10 per day) @ $50
450 tweets (15 per day) @ $60.

All three options are available for $20 less if you chose not to have a review.

Please be aware we have limited space on each date, so please do book in advance wherever possible.

Other than the aforementioned tweets to 199,000+, each package will include:

A free review of your book – shared on our site, Amazon, Goodreads, and anyone we meet walking to the shops – it all helps, right?

An interview specific to the book.

A giveaway, if you wish.

Should your book fall under Fantasy, Romance or Science-Fiction our new genre-specific twitter accounts (@SPShow_Fantasy, @SPShow_Romance and @SPShow_SciFi) will also duplicate a percentage of the tweets.

We also do a 90-day package if you’re looking for something longer?

We’ll also add in a Book of the day post and an Interview across on IndieBookButler.com.