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Leila Lacey – Friends with Benefits, and More than Friends

FWB Cover

FWB: Friends with Benefits (Short Story/Romance) Jason Schroeder and Sabrina Benson met in an online support group and instantly hit …

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T.A. Uner – Stone Ram

Stone Ram

Stone Ram (YA/Fantasy) The Kingdom of Rek is in trouble! It’s holiest artifact, The Golden Mane, has been stolen by …

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Kneel Downe – Amelia’s Song

Amelias Song

Amelia’s Song (Science-Fiction Prose) “When Amelia was a little boy she fell through the hole in the worlds….she returned transformed…” …

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Carrie Lane – Cat Haus 3

Cat Haus 3: Working Girls, Part 3 (Romance/Erotica) He’s a billionaire. She’s a hooker… Part 3 of 3 In this …

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Alexandra Amalova – Literal Fantasies

Literal Fantasies (Erotica) Harry, heartbroken and newly single, turns to the Internet for solace. A chat room exchange inspires him …

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Resolution – Lesley Jones

Resolution(Saviour) (Erotica/Romance) Resolution picks up exactly where Saviour left us all hanging! Having left an abusive marriage at 45, Lauren …

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Jae V. Reece – The Fallen: The Paesian Prologues

The Fallen: The Paesian Prologues (YA/Fantasy) Following the harrowing tale of six individuals, The Fallen is a collection of short …

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Marc Nash – An Eye For An Eye For An Eye

An Eye For An Eye

An Eye For An Eye For An Eye (Dystopian Police Procedural/Paranormal) You can tell a lot about a society from …

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Richard A. Lester – The Check Out

the check out, richard lester

Failing grocery store manager Larry Prescott just wants a quickie. With a frigid wife waiting at home, Larry decides to …

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