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More About Eli’s Heart Musical Book Signing – Susan Moore Jordan

Photo 7 Book Signing

More About Eli’s Heart “Musical Book Signing” Music and Books, Take Two A definite perk to writing about music and …

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How to Ready Your Wardrobe for the Holidays by Ginger Burr

Ginger Burr

It’s that time again! The tinsel and holly are showing up in every store from the drugstore to the mall …

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Guest Post: Creative Unfocus by Richard Milner

Richard Milner Disc

As a writer, it’s necessary to block out time dedicated solely to the development of the craft. To take a …

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Learn to Add Beautiful Prints to Your Wardrobe and Stop Relying Solely on Solid Colors by Ginger Burr

Ginger Burr

If you’re like many women, you have a mortal fear of prints.  You look in your closet and what greets …

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Short Story: Rumplestiltskin III Tries to Help a Dame by Kevin Kauffmann

Author Picture

Rumplestiltskin III was never the kind for seriousness, but he did dabble in it from time to time. He loved …

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Guest Post: Odyssey of the Abecedarian, Part 2 by Steve Dullum

Author Photo

So there I was with what soon developed into an opening paragraph, and by the end of that first night …

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Guest Post: A Note To Young Aspiring Authors by Kevin J. Villeneuve

Kevin J

Have you ever thought of becoming an author? To be amongst the greats who have worked so diligently to get …

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Guest Post: Jane Austen Variations by Fenella J. Miller

The Ghosts At Pemberley

The Ghosts at Pemberley by Fenella J Miller Jane Austen has been one of my favourite authors since I was …

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Interview – Wes McCloud, author of Gemini

Wes McCloud

Self-Publisher’s Showcase: Today we are joined by Wes McCloud, author of horror novel Gemini. Welcome to the Showcase Lounge, Wes. …

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Interview – S.N. Pearse, author of Finding Jane

Sn Pearse

Self-Publisher’s Showcase: Today we are joined by S.N. Pearse, author of Finding Jane.  Welcome to the Showcase Lounge, Steve S.N. …

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Interview – Jeff Dawson, author of Occupation

Jeff Dawson

Self-Publisher’s Showcase: Today we are joined by Jeff Dawson, author of Occupation and Gateway: Pioche. Welcome to the Showcase Lounge, …

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Interview – Stephen Puleston, author of the Inspector Drake novels

Puleston Interview

Self-Publisher’s Showcase: Today we are joined by Stephen Puleston, author of The Inspector Drake, and The Inspector Marco novels. Welcome …

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Interview – Naomi Clark, author of Undertow

Naomi Clark

Self-Publisher’s Showcase: Today we are joined by Naomi Clark, author of Undertow: Book 1 in the Ethan Banning series. Welcome …

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Interview – Gino Arcaro, author of Soul of a Lifter


Self-Publisher’s Showcase: Today we are joined by Gino Arcaro, author of Soul of a Lifter and the SWAT football series. …

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Interview: Faith Cotter, author of Paper Dragons

Faith Cotter

Self-Publisher’s Showcase: Today we are joined by Faith Cotter, author of Paper Dragons and Clara: A Short Story. Welcome to …

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An Interview with Kneel Downe, creator of the VirulentBlurb universe

Kneel Downe

When Lizzie, one of the newest members on our review team, was given her first ‘assignment’ little did we expect …

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New Releases

Ava Louise – Penny’s Story

Pennys Story

Penny’s Story: Intergalactic Matchmaking Services, Book 3 (Science-Fiction/Romance) Penny was supposed to be dead. At least that is what Claire …

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Ann Swinfen – Bartholomew Fair

Bartholomew Fair

Bartholomew Fair (Historical Fiction) When Bartholomew Fair, London’s largest public festival, is threatened in 1589 by five hundred armed soldiers …

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Kevin Kauffmann – Ouroboros


Ouroboros (Science-Fiction/Thriller) If there was a magic piece of paper that let you live the life you wanted, create alien …

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JC Little – Pickleweasel Picture Riddles


PickleWeasel Picture Riddles: Volume 1 (Children’s) What’s that playful PickleWeasel up to? There are 101 tricky PickleWeasel picture riddles to …

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Review – Steve Dullum’s The Spiral

The Spiral Paperback E1409094512669

Alan Geffen thinks he may have finally got his life together; a small town home, a beautiful girlfriend, a good …

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Review – Marc Nash’s 28 Far Cries


The phrase ‘a far cry’ means something that isn’t quite as you expected it, that a once familiar thing has …

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Review – Howard Smith’s Diary Of A Sinner

Diary Of A Sinner

The debut work of poet Howard Smith is a well-balanced mixture of rhyming poetry (with a definite rap feel), touching …

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Review – Gene DeRosa’s 6-13 A Friday the 13th Movie Trivia Book

6 13 Friday 13th

I approached reviewing this trivia guide with some hesitation. The trouble with books of this type is they often preach …

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Review – Gino Arcaro’s 4th and Hell

4th And Hell

It’s a classic story of the underdog. A Canadian club Football team, the Niagara X-Men, crosses the border for a …

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Review – David H. Millar’s Conall: Rinn-Iru

Conall Rinn Iru

Mr. Millar’s belief that Gaelic was a language to be sung and an extensive list of Gaelic pronunciations make it …

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Review – Hans M. Hirschi’s The Fallen Angels of Karnataka

Fallen Angels

I looked at the title of this book, not knowing anything about it, and expected an “angels and demons” fantasy …

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Review – S.N Pearse’s Finding Jane

Finding Jane

Months of constant rain and bad weather have lead to a landslip in the shadows of Whitby’s iconic Abbey, unearthing …

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