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June 2022 Author of the Month

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Stewart Kouba wears many hats. He is a pastor and teacher who promotes truth and classical education. He also works as a beekeeper who promotes wholesome living in East Texas. His most cherished roles encompass husband, father, and builder. He built his own house and barn, and enjoys the comforts of the country with his wife and children. As of late, Stewart is known as a voice-over actor and the author and creator of the Land of Grand® series.

While traveling the world as a graduate of Baylor University and Dallas Theological Seminary, Stewart fell in love with storytelling. His humorous and heartwarming style teaches ethics, theology, and politics to the toughest critics—children. His latest work, The Land of Grand® draws on the magic and beauty of our grandmothers. The Land of Grand® reveals to us all how grandparents become grand. The secret is out!

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The Land of Grand: How Grandparents Become Grand (Children’s, Adventure)

There’s something special about Grandmothers. Actually Grandparents, in general, are quite wonderful. I don’t know if it’s the way they captivate you or how they charm their way through life, but magic seems to follow them wherever they go. One day I caught a glimpse of that magic and I hope through this story, you can too. The Land of Grand® reveals how special grandparents can be. Come travel with me to the Land of Grand®.

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