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September-December 2020

Jessica Piro

Jessica Dianne Piro is an author in a wheelchair and has Type 1 Diabetes. She lives in Northeast Louisiana with her mom, dad, two brothers, and a three-legged cat named Daisy. She is a multi-genre writer for her stories cannot adhere to one single genre, like rebellious teenagers. They want to make her go insane with categorizing them. Even though currently querying literary agents, she is also a self-published author on Amazon.

Her works—whether novels, series, or short stories—cater to YA, NA, and Adults, with a paranormal flare. She also writes Fanfiction on Wattpad. When not writing, she’s playing video games, reading, or watching her favorite movie(s), The Lord of the Rings.

Jessica’s author page

Byron Gifford

Byron Gifford is a father focused on raising good men. He is also a well-regarded financial executive. Writing a book and publishing art were two life-long goals of his.

He’s deeply passionate about inspiring children and using imagination as a tool to enrich lives. In fact, every stuffed animal has a separate personality to bring laughs to bedtime rituals.

When he was young, you could always find him drawing and cleaning the pencil lead off his left hand. Today, you can hear him as the voice of his dog, dropping pop quizzes for his family during meals, and lifting heavy weights in his gym alongside his wife.

Byron lives in Virginia with his wife, their two sons, and dog, Koda.

Byron’s author page

T. M. Sulsona

T. M. Sulsona writes her unique paranormal romance stories in the evening after working her full-time job during the day. Drawing upon ‘other beasties’ of the paranormal/fantasy world, she weaves stand-alone tales of alpha males and their lady loves that race the mind and heat the blood. Her books have been nominated and have won awards and praise, most notably from the Paranormal Romance Guild of which she is a member-author. If you are tired of the vampire/werewolf tales, come and enter the Stories from the Mist, where beasts of another kind abound and sexual prowess reigns king. When not writing, T.M. is an avid gamer and can be found in World of Warcraft most nights. She also enjoys making soap, candles and stained glass. She currently resides in New Jersey.

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Matt Galanos

From a young age, Matt has been an avid reader of many genres, with a particular fondness for fantasy fiction and fast-paced action and adventure stories.

After letting the idea of the tale of a young knight turn over in his mind for a couple of months, Matt first put pen to paper in a Perth hotel room during a business trip, and everything grew from there. Dane Thorburn and the Brindabeare Knights is Matt’s first book in a series about the adventures of Dane Thorburn and his friends, as they battle the growing forces of evil in the city of Brindabeare and across the whole of Valentaland.

Matt’s author page

Barbara Schnell

In a career devoted to full-time employment avoidance, Barbara Schnell has worked at an insurance company and a San Francisco law firm—both now defunct but she claims no part in the failures. Really. She restored a 1921 California bungalow in Los Angeles, set a cash-winning record on $25,000 Pyramid, and came in last on Jeopardy. She played flute and sang mezzo with the St. Athanasius Episcopal choir. Oh, and she’s also a member of SAG/AFTRA. With reference to writing credentials, Barbara has had a short story, “Grandma’s Straw Hat”, published in an anthology. Another short story, “Tracks”, was published in Literary Landscapes. Six of her flash-fiction stories have won the Southern California Writers’ Association “Will Write for Food” contest and have been published in SCWA’s collection. She got so many raves about her Christmas letter that she and her husband, Gordon, published them as an epistolary memoir called Greetings from Casa Cesspoole. Her debut novel was First Year. Her second novel, Marianne Moves On, just won the 2020 National Indie Excellence Award for Chick Lit. She lives with her patient husband and two cats.

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Heather Harrison

Born and raised in North East Texas, Heather Harrison grew up with a family of misfits, leaving her with a wild imagination and a sharp sense of humor. After spending over a decade in management and marketing, she decided to pursue her life-long dream as a writer. With the very patient understanding of her family, friends, and some helpful strangers, her first book, Franny’s Fable, was published in the winter of 2017 and her second book, Shadows of Ascension, is scheduled to be published by Foster Embry 2020.

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GD Copeland

GD COPELAND is a Midwest native that currently lives in South Florida. After a long legal career, GD decided to pursue a career in writing. GD began writing as a form of self-therapy, and that turned into a love for writing. He considers himself to be a writer who is not bound by genres writer. GD’s novels, novellas, and stories cover urban fantasy, young adult, and mystery/thriller, and more.

He enjoys time with his family, watching and playing sports, traveling the country, and finding new ways to embarrass his children. Discovering original documentaries to watch and pretending he knows what he is doing with his grill are also pastimes.

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Kala Merseal

Kala Merseal is an author of both NA and YA Fantasy and Science Fiction. Since her childhood, she’s loved writing about fantastical worlds, deep mythologies, epic adventures, and star-crossed love. The Thraesian Saga is her first published series of many that are tied together in the same universe. She lives in Missouri, United States, and dreams of living in the Rockies, with a private cabin that overlooks a crystalline lake; pure tranquility to write (and to social distance, of course). Kala is happily married and two cats, a dog, and plans to grow her family soon. Currently, she’s pursuing a career in teaching with the hopes of one day being a full-time author.

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Amy Hunt

A spiritual leader, blogger, and author, Amy Hunt recounts her moments of awakening in her book, Spirituality Matters: Deeper Thoughts for Spiritual Curiosity. Holding a degree in Psychology and extra studies in Energy/Biofield Therapy and Counseling, Amy provides a unique and insightful perspective into some of life’s deepest questions through both of her blogs (Think Deep; As I Learn) and her book.

Consumed by the mystery of death and the afterlife, she began her search for inner awakening by combining available knowledge from psychology, religious beliefs, and quantum reality studies. Spirituality is her favorite subject due to her passion for becoming and personal (soul) growth. She considers quantum reality like a playground.

Amy’s author page

Samantha Boulton

Samantha Boulton is a writer you’ve never heard of from a town that you’ve never been to. For years, she had been plagued with vivid dreams and nightmares and writing rapidly became the easiest way to cope with them. Usually, as soon as she wrote about the dreams she was having, that particular dream would cease. However, there was one dream that kept recurring, no matter how much she penned it. She began writing “The Isthmus Company” while sitting in a math class her senior year of high school. Since then, she’s been jotting down scraps of the story on anything that she can find, whether it be an old receipt or a napkin.

Samantha’s author page

Trevor B. Williams

Trevor B. Williams was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, met his wife in the District of Columbia, and is now a father of a precocious little girl while living in Oakland, CA. Despite living in cities his whole life, he loves seeing the night sky which rests beyond the surrounding buildings. When he isn’t hiking in regional parks with his family or spending hard-earned time with friends, Trevor is creating familiar and alien worlds from the tips of his fingers.

He is addicted to all things related to astronomy, orbital mechanics, fantastical technology concepts (who doesn’t like the idea of a ringworld?), and exploring the endless possibilities behind the question “what if.”

Trevor’s author page

Ben Berwick

Ben Berwick was born in the 80s but moulded by the 90s. He fell on the Nintendo side of the console war and became a huge Star Trek over this time, as well as surviving school. Originally from Stevenage in Hertfordshire, Ben moved to Basildon, Essex to be with his girlfriend, who he married in 2009. Today Ben works in retail and lives with his wife and daughter. Ben’s daughter has inherited her father’s love for Nintendo, but sadly not for Liverpool FC or Formula 1 motorsport!

For a number of years, Ben would dabble with fan fiction but his interest in sci-fi was usually confined to reading, including the works of David Weber, John Gemry, John Scalzi, and Peter Hamilton. On the subject of Hamilton, Ben likes to brag that he was raised in the same town as F1 superstar Lewis Hamilton, albeit they’ve never met.

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Kathryn Aldridge

Kathryn Aldridge was born in 1994 in Tauranga New Zealand. At the age of ten, her family moved across the Tasman to start a new life in Melbourne, Australia. After struggling to adapt and make new friends, Kathryn fell deeper into the world of literacy. To this day Kathryn has stayed an avid reader and was encouraged to write her own stories after growing annoyed with studios changing well-established characters. Kathryn believed it was disrespectful to the creators to openly talk about changing a character’s gender. Kathryn has always firmly believed that instead of changing characters we should promote and encourage new stories and characters to be created. Kathryn continues to reside in Melbourne with her loving and supportive partner, and she works to combine a successful career in logistics with her lifelong passion for storytelling.

Kathryn’s author page

Emma Jordan

Emma Jordan loves to read, write, listen to music, travel and drink coffee; she’s happiest when indulging in all five verbs, and can only imagine the stories she could create whilst travelling around the world by train. Many of her best ideas come to her while she’s sleeping and she always has a notebook by her bed for those early morning messages.

An eternally romantic optimist, Emma writes page-turning contemporary romance novels with characters we’d all like to curl up and watch a film with, in stories often set close to the beaches of her Plymouth, UK hometown, and her Nashville-rooted heart.

Emma has been writing since she first discovered the bliss of diaries as a teen and writes her novels in the first person. Emma has lived in the northern English county of Lancashire, the metropolis of London, and the southern restaurant of China; she now lives in Devon with her family. She’s always happy to hear from readers, for reviews and recommendations.

Emma’s author page

C.B. Barlow

Cindy has lived most of her life in Erie, Pennsylvania, just a stone’s throw away from where her main character lives. She traded in the bitter cold winters of Erie for the sizzling hot summers when she moved to Phoenix, Arizona. She is an avid reader of all genres of books and has a passion for anything angel related. When she is not working full time as a Registered Nurse, she enjoys writing. Recently Cindy decided to mash up her enjoyment and her passion into a book. She hopes her readers will have as much fun reading this book as much as she did writing it.

C.B.’s author page

Maureen Scanlon

Maureen Scanlon is the founder and CEO of Maureen Scanlon Life coaching. She is an Author, relationship expert, motivational speaker, positive change integrator, and spiritual coach who has successfully helped many people, from experienced professionals to young adults and couples. She focuses her tools and techniques on overcoming past negative experiences and making positive changes in our thoughts and lives.
Maureen has been featured on 3TV Good Morning Arizona, 3TV Your Life Az, ABC15 Sonoran Living, Voyage Phoenix Magazine, appeared on the cover and featured in Ultimate Women International magazine, USA daily times, as well interviews on radio shows like Mind Body Radio, Business Talk Radio and Networking Arizona.

Her book “My Dog is More Enlightened Than I Am “ has won a silver award from Author Shout and Top 12 book pick list from Spirited Woman, and a National Indie Excellence Award Finalist for 2020 with a 5 Star rating on Amazon.

Maureen’s author page

Colin Davies

Colin Davies (1970-) has been writing for many years. His children’s novels “Mathamagical” and “Anagram-a-phobia: at word’s end” have been very well received with the former appearing on TV shows around the world as a prop used by Izzy Simpon from the “..Got Talent” series of shows. His poetry is highly commended with a poem about Doctor Who from his acclaimed show and book “2001: a space ode and ditty” being filmed by the 6th Doctor himself, Colin Baker.

Now Colin is turning his attentions to horror and sci-fi with the first of a series of anthology-style books. Twisted tales of the macabre, dark sci-fi and warnings about future technology all come together in a mind that has been described as “Intellectual brain spaff”, “A can of springy joke shop worms”, and “A hurricane of humour, hugs and horror. Full of love and chaos.”

With plenty of blood and a big pinch of terror, Colin’s work is all about entertaining the reader. His command of the written word allows him to paint pictures in other people’s minds. He has always seen the vocation of writing as a gift that must be shared.

Novelist, playwright, scriptwriter, poet, family man, and advocator of people’s rights, Colin tries to encourage others to succeed as well as ensuring his own work reaches the highest possible quality.

Colin’s author page

Brian Pinaire

Brian Pinaire is the author of the scholarly treatise The Constitution of Electoral Speech Law and the comic memoir This Is Not Your Father’s Fatherhood, as well as over eighty articles appearing in academic journals or at popular outlets such as McSweeney’s and The Huffington Post.

Pinaire holds a BA in politics from Whitman College and a PhD in political science from Rutgers University. He was formerly a tenured professor of political science at Lehigh University, in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, where he taught courses on American politics and the United States Constitution. During his time at Rutgers and Lehigh, he received several awards for teaching and research.
Since retiring from academia, Pinaire has worked as an author and freelance editor specializing in academic journal articles, dissertations, tenure/promotion packages, and self-published books. A native of Omaha, Nebraska, Pinaire has lived all over the United States but currently resides in Portland, Oregon, with his wife, their two sons, and the family’s adorable Australian Labradoodle. Before he got a dog, he would never have been the type to mention a dog in an author bio, but things change.

Brian’s author page

Bryan Alaspa

Bryan Alaspa has been writing in one form or another since he sat down at his mom’s electric typewriter in the third grade. He has been doing it professionally since 2006. Bryan is the author of more than 40 works of fiction and non-fiction. Bryan writes thrillers, horror, suspense and young adult novels in fiction. Bryan also writes on a freelance basis including press releases, website content, news, journalism, and reviews of movies, television and literature. Bryan lives in Chicago with his wife and three rescue dogs.

Bryan’s author page

Michael Fiorenza

Michael Fiorenza, or Mike as he is known to his friends, currently resides in southern California as a caretaker. He is a proud single father of one and the youngest himself of six. Mike is gentle, gregarious, and jovial with a passion for all American sports, arts, and anything academic. He played a geek position, offensive line, on the varsity football team in high school. He grew up to tales of WWII and developed a love of reading history like many of his siblings. He sought and received a BA in History from Chico State. A true renaissance man, Mike also served in the United States Navy, graduated from Le Cordon Bleu International, perfected his green thumb, and started his authorship. A huge fan of Sci-Fi and Fantasy, he will proudly tell you about getting to stand in line to see A New Hope, on the very first Friday, in May 1977. He enjoys reading and watching a wide variety of genres — history would be his favorite non-fiction. However, when it comes to fiction, his passion is Sci-Fi, and that is the genre of his first novel.

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Kristina Cook

Kristina Cook is the author of more than a dozen books for adults and teens, ranging from historical and NASCAR romance to paranormal and contemporary young adult fiction (also writing as Kristi Cook and Kristi Astor). Since the publication of her first novel in 2004, her books (with Kensington/Zebra Books, Harlequin Books, and Simon & Schuster) have hit national bestseller lists, landed on bookseller association lists, and won awards, including the National Reader’s Choice Award.

Kristina lives in New York City with her husband and two daughters.

Kristina’s author page

LeTicia Lee

LeTicia Lee was born in Rochester, New York and raised and educated in a nearby suburb, Brighton. She graduated early from Brighton High School (three years) with a Regents Diploma. LeTicia also has a Bachelors of Science Degree from Hampton University in Virginia where she majored in Marketing with a Minor in English.

Lee worked as the Talent Coordinator of Greater Talent Network (NYC), a Speaker’s Bureau. She then embarked on a film and television career beginning as a freelance Locations Scout and Manager in New York City for various movie and television studios as well as Conde Nast for G.Q. magazine. She worked as a Production Coordinator and Producer on various commercials, and music videos before returning to her hometown where she co-developed and co-produced a faith-based program with Dave Siriano for youth entitled, Three60TV which was eventually picked up by Trinity Broadcasting (TBN) and aired worldwide.

LeTicia’s author page

Shilah Ferr

Shilah Ferr grew up in northern New Jersey with her brother and sister. They share fond memories of high school, the Jersey shore and skiing with cousins. All of which became a part of April’s heart! Shilah went to college in Washington DC and became a teacher. She now lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia with her husband of thirty years. Their two boys are in their twenties making their own way in the world. Shilah enjoys cooking, reading and daily power-walks! April’s Heart is Shilah Ferr’s first book and although a work of fiction, is based on her life. The life long relationship of April and Mitch is based on events that happened in several relationships from back in the day.

Shilah’s author page

Anthony Steven

Anthony’s first book, Catechism, is now available on Amazon. It is a paranormal thriller, set in the UK and the first book in a series about Nick Ballard, a psychic who teams up with Detective Chief Inspector Kate Garvey to hunt serial killers.
Inside Catechism, he has attached a link to his website and a free e-book in the form of a novella. The novella links to a story about a character that features heavily in Catechism.
Anthony lives in Cheshire, England, with his wife, Mary. He works for a charity and is also a psychotherapist. He mainly writes in the horror/thriller genre, and apart from the Nick Ballard series, plans to release a horror novel in the near future and possibly an anthology of short-stories that will also be either supernatural or dark in content.
He admits that it’s pretty ironic that he writes this kind of fiction, as he’s the first person to look away during a horror movie when the scary parts come on. This dates back to childhood, when he hid behind the sofa from the Daleks and Cybermen in Doctor Who. There was also Hammer House of Horror movies to contend with and he found the Dracula series and The Masque of the Red Death particularly chilling.

Anthony’s author page

Max Teasdale

Max Teasdale was born and raised in Southeast Portland, Oregon three blocks from the historic Laurelhurst Theater. He had the privilege of growing up in a very artistic and loving family. He graduated from Cleveland high school in 1992 and moved out to join the workforce at nineteen. He has worked as a line cook, prep cook, loss prevention agent, Internal investigator, logistics clerk, freelance illustrator, production woodworker, server, mailroom attendant, stock boy, deli counter helper, bartender, and Sous Chef. He hopes one day to add professional novelist to that list. At the age of twenty-seven, he embarked on his writing journey with a set of story ideas and hasn’t looked back since. CLIFFSIDE is his debut novel. He currently resides in the spectacular Columbia River Gorge.

Max’s author page

Chris L. Meyers

Chris L. Meyers is an author, short story writer and software developer. He spent a decade teaching secondary school and over 15 years writing software before he began writing stories. Most of the credit for his writing goes to his wife who continually encouraged him to write his stories down and publish them.

His first stories were spur-of-the-moment bedtime stories he told his children. Encouraged by the rave reviews and excessive giggling of elementary school kids, he thought he would try his hand at a novella. The story blossomed into a novel, then an entire series.

His first novel, The Bahawre Legend, was published in 2017 on CreateSpace and KDP. It began the Legends of Aeo series. The next two books were published in 2018 and 2019 with more on the way.

Chris’s author page

Edwin Betancourt

Edwin Betancourt is an author of Fantasy and General Fiction stories as well as plays and books of poetry. Growing up in the Bronx, NY, Edwin would watch television shows and get so enthralled with the story and acting that he knew right from the start what he wanted to do when he got older- write stories to entertain others.

He was enrolled in a theatre high school where he took up dancing and acting but as he got older he realized he didn’t want to just be seen, he wanted to be heard. Therefore, he began to write and create stories that are full of mystery, magic and interesting characters that are flawed yet relatable to others.

As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ Community, Edwin makes sure to include characters that are barely represented in works today by putting them more in the forefront and less as secondary characters that are just the butt of all jokes.

Edwin’s author page

Katt Pemble

Katt enjoys reading, reviewing the books she reads and interacting with the over 90 Million members on Goodreads. She has spent a great deal of her life with her nose shoved between the pages of a book, and more recently pressed against the screen of her kindle.

She lives in Australia with her three mini dachshunds and spends her spare time creating crazy worlds and sexy characters to inhabit them.

Katt’s author page

Becca Wicks

Becca Wicks is a fantasy fiction author who loves to write about medieval and eras ranging from the 10-15th century marks. Becca studied ancient history and theology through her college days as well as literary arts. She has previously published horror fiction and nonfiction in the area of substance abuse and treatment while studying Psychology. Becca has a passion for music. She started writing music when she was 15 as well as started playing multiple instruments since the age of 12. She also has been known to write song lyrics. Becca showcases her works on her website, which has all her published books and blogs. She has been published for her Psychology work in magazines and online blogs such as The Huffington Post, Shatterproof, InRecovery, and more.

Becca’s author page

Kimberley Paterson

Kimberley Paterson is a first-time author of a children’s illustrated book entitled Frankie the Ferret which has been named a 2020 Canada Book Award Winner. She was born in Uxbridge, Ontario, a small rural farming town north of Toronto where her mother still resides.

Kimberley is the mother of two children and the grandmother of four amazing little people who were the inspiration for this book. She currently lives in the countryside in Claremont, Ontario with her spouse, a chocolate lab named Molly and two cats, Kitty and Tobey.

Kimberley’s author page

Wendi M Lindenmuth

Wendi M. Lindenmuth BS, MPH, is an Author, Energy Medicine and Alternative Healing Specialist, and an Intuitive Healing Artist. With over 25 years of experience in teaching, medical and public health, and healing, she helps people suffering from Lyme Disease, chronic illness, and pain find relief from their symptoms and limitations and start creating a life of hope, strength, and purpose again. She lives in Dresser, Wisconsin with her husband and 2 dogs surrounded in the tranquility of Wisconsin Interstate Park.

Wendi’s author page

Elizabeth Nettleton

Elizabeth Nettleton grew up on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, and lived in Europe and the USA before finally settling back in England earlier this year. She has been an avid reader and writer since she was a child and particularly enjoys writing dark and speculative fiction. Her short stories and drabbles have been included in The Sirens Call eZine, Trembling with Fear, Short Fiction Break, and the “Forgotten Ones” and “It Calls From The Forest” anthologies by Eerie River Publishing. Elizabeth’s first novella, “The Price of Gold,” is now available on Amazon.

Elizabeth’s author page

Steve Edwardes

Steve has always been interested in Crime Fiction, being inspired by such luminaries within the genre as Ian Rankin, Mark Billingham, Mark Dawson, Peter James, Angela Marsons, PD James et al. He has been fortunate enough to live in many countries, but has recently returned to SouthWest England, where he is writing, cooking, playing the guitar and occasionally indulging his passion for great red wine and unusual cocktails.

Steve’s author page

R. Vincent Tibbetts

R. Vincent Tibbetts was raised in Western Pennsylvania during the 1970s. It was a time when their professional football team captured the heart of the city. It was because of this that the surrounding areas immersed themselves in this culture of winning. However, those feelings changed with the death of the steel industry. Witnessing the economic shock-wave ripple through these communities from the gutting of such an industrial expanse had an impact on his psyche. It led him to see his surroundings in a new light, he grew to have an appreciation for how things worked, the workings of the natural world, and developing a mindset for conservation.

R. Vincent’s author page

Cassandra Featherstone and Gail Jericho

Cassandra Featherstone has been writing since she could hold a pencil. She is a dreamer, a reader, a bookseller, and a lover of all things magical and fantastic. She currently lives in the Midwest with her family and their cats.

Gail Jericho lives in the South and staunchly refuses to admit that hurricanes are worse than snow. She loves books, coffee, and hiding in her cave to avoid all the people outside.

Cassandra and Gail’s author page

Kip A. Lacey

Kip A. Lacey was born and raised in southeast Kansas and now lives with his two dogs, Cooper and Barkley in southwest Missouri.

Closure is his first novel. His second novel, tentatively titled The In-Between, will be released in 2020.

Kip’s author page

Brigid McMahon

Brigid McMahon is a writer living in the American Mid-West, with her husband, three children, two dogs and one psychotic cat. When not writing she spends her time reading, researching, watching scary movies, painting and spending time in nature. Brigid is the author of The Whisper of a Rose, Empress Isle Series Book 1 and Docia’s Diary.

Brigid’s author page

Ametra S. Rayford

Ametra S. Rayford is an award-winning author who was born in Chicago, Illinois. Though she toils as a Certified Pharmacy Technician by day, she can be found writing at almost every other spare moment, and usually on every available surface. Ametra’s literary world is set to music, and everything she writes has its own unofficial soundtrack.

Having begun writing at the age of 13, Ametra has since accumulated thousands of pages of written work, divided among various storage devices and spiral notebooks, including an over 850-page fanfiction she gleefully co-authored several years ago. Whether poetry, short stories, screenplays, or full-length novels, Ametra has never tired of the creative process and realized that it was finally time to share her spoils with the world.

Ametra’s author page

Carolyn Allison Caplan

Carolyn Allison Caplan is a lifelong reader (think flashlights-under-the-covers-as-a-child reader) and an admitted all things education and college admissions junkie. She holds a BA in English from the University of Texas at Austin and a Masters in Liberal Arts with a concentration in English from the University of St. Thomas in Houston. In the last few years, while dealing with empty nesting and other life stuff, she has discovered mindfulness, meditation, stoicism, and yoga, and is in the process of becoming both a certified yoga teacher and Koru Mindful Meditation teacher. Additionally, Carolyn holds a UCLA College Counseling Certificate and is a member of HECA, IECA, NACG, TACAC, and NACAC. She estimates that in the last three years she has read over 2500 Reddit kid personal essays and chatted with over 25,000 kids from the subreddit, r/ApplyingToCollege (A2C), where she is a moderator.

Carolyn’s author page