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Dominic Piper

Dominic Piper is an author, film & television writer, journalist and script editor. He lives in London, UK. Because of this, he is often mistaken for an English person, whereas in reality, he is half Welsh and half Scottish, being born in Cardiff, South Wales. However, he does not know Catherine Zeta-Jones and has no personal connection with her whatsoever. If there’s one thing he can’t stand, it’s name-dropping, but he has, as a television script dude, written for both Simon Pegg and Martin Freeman. He is the author of the best-selling, critically acclaimed thrillers Kiss Me When I’m Dead, Death is the New Black, Femme Fatale and Bitter Almonds & Jasmine, all featuring the enigmatic, London-based private investigator Daniel Beckett. All four novels are published by Opium Den Publishing.

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David Vorhees

David Vorhees joined the U.S. Navy after graduating Lima Central Catholic. Following his military service, he attended the University of Northwestern Ohio for Automotive business. He worked various factory jobs and attended the University of Phoenix online for a degree in arts with a focus in journalism. He recently worked for the Wapakoneta Daily News as a reporter/photographer/paginator.

He is the father of five and grandfather of five. He has always been interested in the occult and the scarier side of life. He loves history and the supernatural and truly believes there is nothing better than a good story.

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Mikkel Høst

Mikkel grew up in a seaside town in Denmark. He has always had a fascination with adventure, mystery and mythology, picturing strange creatures that reside in spectacular places. He’s inspired by everything from books, movies and video games to the strange little moments that occur within his own life, as well as his own personal experiences.

In 2008, he dabbled in writing, but his ideas were too loose and his grasp on language too limited for it to achieve much popularity. This caused him to leave the dream behind and give up, but stories kept taking shape in his head, and the desire to entertain stayed with him.

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Paolo Ruggirello

Paolo Ruggirello was born on Halloween in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. He and his family lived there until Paolo was eight years old, when his family moved to Oxford, Pennsylvania. In Oxford, he lived on large farmland. Paolo, his brother, and his two sisters played outside a lot, which allowed his imagination to roam freely in that wide-open space.

Paolo and his family moved to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania when he was about fourteen years old. In Harrisburg, he met his lifelong friend. Just before Paolo turned sixteen, he and his family moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There he met many amazing people, many of whom he still connects with. Paolo graduated from Conestoga High School and was awarded a membership in the National Society of High School Scholars. It wasn’t until many years after graduation that Paolo would begin crafting his world.

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Donna Davis Lewis

Donna Davis Lewis retired from her dream job as a Travel Consultant during the pandemic. All of her personal vacations were canceled but rather than sink into despair, she returned to a first love…writing poetry. This book is the result. It is a collection of topical and whimsical poems–poems that reflect on the horrible year of 2020. Writing this book was therapeutic. Donna is passionate about travel, food, wine and social action. She really believes that doing good is good for you. She is a graduate of the University of Houston and a lifetime member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

From the celebration of female friendships to the struggle against racism in America to the simple joy of buying hats, these poems praise and lament that great journey we call life. This is a book equally suited to people who want to read accessible poems and to those who think they don’t like poetry. There is something here for everyone!

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SD Turner

S.D. Turner has spent a lifetime studying humor and the medicine of laughter while growing up in Michigan, Alabama, and Florida. He proudly served his country (twice) in the U.S. Army Armor Branch, totaling six years of honorable service. He completed his training on the M1A1 Battle Tank at Fort Knox, Kentucky before being stationed abroad in Mannheim, Germany in the early 1990s.

He studied domestically and internationally and currently works globally as a chief marine engineer in the oil and gas industry. He has lived in, worked for, and visited well over twenty countries (five continents) in as many years. He loves seeing the world through eyes that find the joy and laughter in every facet of life, as well as in the characters he befriends along his travels.

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Carol Durant

Carol Durant is a poet, author, playwright and event host. Her first poem of 2021, Ode to Mac and Cheese was submitted and accepted in the Lucky Jefferson online digital zine Awake, Issue 2. Carol is the founder and host of Outliers Poetry Brunch, an in-person and online monthly poetry brunch for the last three years. She is the founder and host of Stage & Stanza, a bi-monthly online theater and poetry collaborative with Russell Sage College. Her 3rd book, a long-form poetic story entitled, How Will I Know It’s Santa and second book, Cold Pressed and Just Brewed Poetry were published in 2020. Her first book, Whole Phat and Gluten Free Poetry is the 2018 Book Excellence Award winner in poetry and was published in 2017. Her play, Center of Lying Down was recently cast and performed on Zoom by Quarantine e-Theater, as a wildly successful fundraiser for Black Theatre Troupe of Upstate New York.

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Emily Stalder Johnson

Emily Stalder Johnson is an up and coming author whose specialty is writing unique, Christian fiction novels set in historical America, which get her readers thinking about the social issues we face today, and also which are meant to inspire them in some way. Emily is the author of six books in the Series of Hope, beginning with A New Hope: Second Chances and a Forgotten Boy. She has loved writing creatively as a child and that love has grown into what she’s hoping will become a full-time career. Emily resides in Lancaster, Ohio with her husband, Mark, and their friend Bill. Between the three of them, they have an adorable collection of creatures, consisting of three cats and two dogs.

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Jennifer Leigh Pezzano

Jennifer is a poet, writer, and literary junkie. Ever since she could remember, she has had an avid fascination with words. Awed by the power they have to mold and shape our reality, to turn ideas into things of beauty that inspire us, move us and make us want to live bolder, brighter lives. But it wasn’t until recently that she decided to sit down and blend her love of poetry with her appetite for a well-crafted story… and hence “Awakening” was born.
Jennifer lives nestled in the beautiful valley of Southern Oregon with her partner and daughter. She spends her day furiously typing away at her computer while trying to balance the blend of motherhood and self-growth.

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Sean P. Valiente

Sean Valiente was raised in Maine and grew up loving all things geek. In middle school he had the idea of a scene in his head and when he joined a creative writing club in high school, he finally penned the kernels of what would become the first book in his Knights of Nine series, The Lightning Knight. By day, he’s an ordinary finance and accounting professional for a tech company, and by night, he’s busy dreaming up stories for his series. He lives north of Boston with his wife, and loves pizza. He hopes to inspire others to follow their dreams.

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D.W. Whitfield

D.W.Whitfield, born in the N.East of England, attended Sunderland College of Art before becoming engaged in various occupations over the years — including Cartography, Land Surveying, and Psychiatry (nursing). In parallel, he continued to paint and exhibit throughout the UK.

After early retirement, he moved to the Mid-West of France and continued to exhibit in the US, the UK, and most of Europe. He even went as far as India. It was later that his first book was published, of poetry, followed by two short story collections and a novel.

He continues to live in the beautiful French countryside, still painting, exhibiting throughout Europe, and writing new work.

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Vrinda Pendred

Vrinda originally grew up in Arizona, but moved to England in 1999, where she now lives with her husband and their two sons. Her first novel was The Ladder, a story about two friends learning to grow through their difficult childhoods and find the light that lies inside themselves. She followed this with the YA sci-fi / fantasy series The Wisdom, and her YA dystopia Equilibria.

Vrinda also runs a publishing house for writers with neurological conditions, called Conditional Publications. Their first book, Check Mates: A Collection of Fiction, Poetry and Artwork about Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, by People with OCD, was released in 2010 (Kindle and paperback), with future books in the pipeline.

In addition to her writing, Vrinda also does freelance proofreading and editing, and spent 9 years tutoring GCSE / A-Level English. She holds a BA Hons in English with Creative Writing, a proofreading qualification with the Publishing Training Centre, and has completed work experience with Random House. On the side, she sometimes writes and performs her own music and runs a herbal tea review blog with a friend.

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