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Ami Van

Ami Van is still in awe of this journey into writing. With a degree in Information Technology, she has spent most of her career working behind a computer, usually behind the scene also. She is first and foremost an avid reader. Reading everything for poetry to fantasy and sci-fi to romance, both contemporary and historical. You will always find her with reading material in hand in one form or another. E-readers are awesome but it will never replace the feel of turning the page of a real book.

Though currently writing romance with too many bullets and a couple of tragedies, she also wants to cross genre into fantasy and sci-fi. Romance exists in all genres.

She currently resides with her kids and cats in the desert of Las Vegas, Nevada however, she longs for the mountains of Colorado and Montana where she travels to quite often when time permits. Her inspiration exists in the air there, and she finds she comes up with her best ideas when just driving around the long, winding roads up into the gorgeous, tree-lined mountains, chasing daylight. Someday, she hopes to make a permanent home in one of those places and build her own self-sustaining farm.

Until then, ON TO THE NEXT!

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BECOMING HIS: A King Family Series, Book 1

Derrick King
He and his brothers are the ruthless heads of a crime family. KINGS. They’ve built their empire to become what it is today, collecting fortune and power, bending rules and taking out whoever stood in their way.

Tall, dark and sinfully gorgeous, Derrick as head of the family never went to bed alone yet never slept in a bed with any woman either. Until she came along and becomes the light to his darkness.

Now she was his…

Stellina Dane
She was a chef who moved across the country in search of a change. Sweet and innocent, she meets a tall, brooding stranger in a club of all places. His energy pulls at her and draws her in as much as their easy-going conversations.

When his life spills into hers, she should have run. But she didn’t…she wanted him. How was she supposed to keep a man like him satisfied and tamed? Plus, she’s got secrets of her own that she didn’t want him or anyone else to know.


FINDING HER: A King Family Series, Book 2

**Note: It is recommended you read the first book in the series before reading this one.**

After surviving the last year together with his love, Derrick King, head of the King Family should be enjoying wedding bliss with his new wife, Stellina. With a baby on the way and his family growing stronger, he should be the happiest man in the world. But when a chain of events that leads from one misunderstanding to another threatens to take down his marriage and his empire, he has to choose what to fight for.

Married and pregnant, Stellina should be the happiest she’s ever been except in this life, a life she walked into with eyes wide open, nothing is ever guaranteed. Not love. Not happiness. And especially happily ever afters.

Find out how the Boss and the Matriarch of the King Family handle everything that is thrown their way, everything that is meant to keep them apart. Will they give up on each other or will this only tie them closer together?


DAKOTA: Knights of Havoc MC, Book 1

Dakota Macks
The biggest and tallest guy with the Knights of Havoc MC’s Nomads, he was a brute and an A**hole. As the MC’s enforcer and the MC’s President’s good friend, he traveled from town to town on his Harley along with his band of brothers. He works with his fists when wanted and with his gun when needed.

Women come and go. They didn’t stay because he didn’t want them to stay. That, of course, changed the moment he had his arms wrapped around the little minx that throws a beer bottle at his club President’s head.

She was small and sexy versus his big and brawn. She was fire and fury. She was beautiful and good. Most of all, she needed help. The epitome of a damsel in distress.

Mercy “Minx” DeMarcus
Ten years, she’s waited for her big brother to come to her rescue. When he and his band of savages finally arrive, she greets him by throwing a beer bottle at his head. That, of course, brings her in the crosshair of the Knights of Havoc MC’s enforcer.

The tallest man she’s ever seen turns into the gentlest giant she’s ever known. Too inexperienced to turn the brute away and too curious to walk herself away, she’s caught in a current she can’t fight. To top it off, she’s in trouble, deep. Of course, he’d step in to help her. He was the club’s enforcer, after all.

But will he stay when he finds out about her past? As a man deep in his cut, can he overlook a past so damaged?

**This is the first book of the Knights of Havoc MC series. This book has triggers and may be unsuitable for someone under 18 years of age. This story has its own HEA. No cliffhanger, however, characters do weave in and out of each other’s stories. There will be plots that lead into other stories so reading in order is recommended.


FINDING HOME: The Home Trilogy, Book 1

Cole Howard
He was never one to believe in fate and such romantic notions. He’s a product of careful plotting and planning. If there’s a job that needs doing, he makes sure it gets done right. And somehow, all his wrong-doings lead him to her one fateful night. She’s stunning, an enchantress in a tiny body. Everything that he didn’t know he wanted because she’s everything he knows he doesn’t deserve.

Frankie Hoang
Her life is filled with routine and staying busy. Friends kept her company during the day and though nights are lonely, they weren’t that bad. That is, until one cold night when things go horribly wrong yet horribly right at the same time. Suddenly, her world is turned upside down. Nights become lonelier and the monotony of daily life isn’t working anymore. He’s a thief in the night. She shouldn’t be feeling this way toward him. That logic flew out the window the moment he marked her with his kiss.

**This is the first book in The Home Trilogy. Find out how Cole and Frankie meet. How they make it work. And how they move past forgiveness.**


BREAKING HOME: The Home Trilogy, Book 2

Life in Colt Springs, Montana is supposed to be peaceful and quiet. The love of her life, her best friend living next door, and with a business about to open, she keeps busy. Busier than her Portland life. She should have sensed it’s only the calm before the storm.

He never thought life would take this turn. A turn that has him the happiest man alive with Frankie, someone he’s never thought he deserved. She’s amazing…everything he never even fathomed he could have.

But what happens when sins of the past catch up to this bliss in the present?

** This book is the second installment in the The Home Trilogy. It’s recommended that you read the first book, Finding Home, first to follow along with the events of classic love story. **


COMING HOME: The Home Trilogy, Book 3

** The final installment in the Home trilogy is now ready! It’s recommended that the first two installments be read to get the most out of this novel. **

Things haven’t turned out quite as expected for Frankie and Cole. See what happens when she returns home. Is she too late to mend Cole’s broken heart? Are they beyond repair?

See the drama unfold and hilarity ensue while these two try to make their way back to each other. With family and friends in and out of their lives like a revolving door, there’s bound to be a bar fight or two and harsh words between a group of hot and steamy alpha men.

Coming Home is a second chance romance novel with strong family ties and a beautiful Montana setting. This book is the conclusion to a romance that’s meant to go through hell and back yet still remain solid.