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Anthony Morant

Some would say who or what motivated me to write these books? I had the desire to work for the Lord but never knew that it would turn out this way as God bestowed on me, His precious gift as He inspired me to write.

I can remember conducting a Personal Ministry called the Chronicles Ministry for the Lord, where it involves preaching online as well giving bible studies in the surrounding communities and handing out spiritual literatures and praying for individuals and inviting them to Church, where this increases my faith and ability to serve both God and man.

As time went on the Lord changed my existing Ministry to the Ministry of Writing. I can recall praying and asking God to reveal to me, His will and directions many times. But one night upon receiving a dream from the Lord, saying that you are the King’s Scribe.

That changes everything and I always have this notion that once God says it, that settles it. God revealed to me, His will and He accepted me as His Scribe, sharing the message of His words with others through the medium of writing and this is how I became an Inspired Author.

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God’s Love: Superior To Sin (Religion)

This book reveals the key component we need to enter into God’s kingdom, which consists of a love that unites the human family with God. Where the hearts of man will not strive, if love is not emphasized or put into practice in our lives, surely suffering and gloom will follow as a result of sin.

But as for the power of love, it will turn people’s hearts to their redeeming Savior, who will set them free from the bondage of sin.

What the world needs now is a love that is above the means of the power of sin, and this is a love that leads to eternity is one that God alone can effectively impute in our lives.

The reality that sin causes are evidently seen and portrayed in our everyday lives, whether displayed outright in our physical actions or in the back of our minds. The problems of sin exist, and the solution is won by the love that Jesus offers to humanity.

This gift called love is flamboyant and unique in every way. It keeps the human heart from being corrupt and it protects the inner soul from being shackled by sin.


God’s Moral Proverbs (Religion)

This book examines the well being of humanity predestined to live in harmony and obedience to God. The role of God’s creation is to serve Him with diligence.

The goal of this book is to draw individuals into a basic understanding of God’s ultimate plan in their lives. God’s divine calling results in an experience of God’s saving grace which amplifies the Word of God as it quenches the thirsty soul while placing our minds in reach of God’s benevolent love as this prepares us for the Kingdom of Heaven.


Defeating Satan’s Snare: The Victory Is Won (Religion)

Humanity is faced with many perplexities which include trials and challenges that are devastating to each individual’s life and well-being. But in the midst of our own ordeals, God remains committed to restoring this world through the plan of salvation that we might escape the daunting power of sin and its fatal consequences.

This book captures a glimpse of the conflict between good and evil as this world undergoes changes that will bring about victory for those who accept Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour but in regards to Satan’s rebellion, it will surely come to an end.


God Calls (Religion)

God calls us to live a life of sanctification and truth which revolves around Him as we show homage to the divine God of this universe.

This book explains God’s ideal plan of salvation for humanity, formulated before the world began which reveals His undying love for all His creation and care for this broken world.

Follow through God’s plan designed to restore this world to its original state before sin had marred every corner and affected every life. God imparts the knowledge of truth and revelation to lead us in repentance and sanctification as we accept Jesus Christ as our personal Savior, our prize possession.


Counsels From God’s Wisdom (Religion)

Many marvel at the wisdom contained in the book of Proverbs and the jewels of knowledge that are hidden within its thirty-one chapters. There is much to ponder as we read the short thoughts that King Solomon penned thousands of years ago.

In similar fashion, Anthony Morant has written insightful thoughts in forty-eight different categories to capture the truths and revelations of the Bible in his own words. Counsels From God’s Wisdom will cause you to contemplate and dwell on the facets of the Christian faith.

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