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Curiouser Editing

CBP-Shayla-Headshots-2015-8-1Your words are important.

In fact, they convey your voice to readers for years and years.

Whether for a blog, summary, or book, Curiouser Editing helps you present your voice in the best possible way.

No matter where you are in the writing journey, we can help.

• Prewriting guidance

• Manuscript development

• Expert editing

• Marketing copy

• One-on-one coaching

Shayla, owner of Curiouser Editing, is a connoisseur of the writing and editing process, having edited over 200 books and countless articles, blogs, social media posts, and web copy. Starting out in a small publishing firm as a copywriter after college, she quickly worked her way up to copy editor and into marketing, where she began to hone her skills on the inner workings of the publishing process. She took this experience and began her own business with one goal: providing authors with honest feedback and superior work in writing, editing, and marketing. She loves coffee and is an admirer of all things creative and bookish.

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For more information, please visit http://www.curiouserediting.com/what-we-do/.

Prewriting & Book Development Guidance

Do you have a book idea but don’t know where to start? We can help guide you! Maybe you already have a book but need guidance on developing it into a masterpiece.

Contact us today for more information.

Book Editing

Your book is your baby, and our priority is to give it the best care possible.

Whether it’s a light, heavy, or developmental edit—or whether you aren’t sure which you need—Curiouser Editing’s goal never changes: to present you with an expertly polished manuscript.

Contact us today for a free quote. We’ll review your book to determine what kind of editing will best suit your manuscript.

Content Editing

Your words represent you to the world. Instead of relying on unreliable spellcheck, depend on an expert copy editor to give you superbly polished prose.

Web content
Social media
Blog content
Promotional/marketing materials
College essays
Research/academic papers
Business content
Medical/science content


“Working with Shayla Eaton was a delight. Not only did she edit my book, she thoroughly walked me through the edits and discussed the changes with me. I felt like 100% of her focus was on my book and my book alone. I appreciated how available she made herself during the process. I also benefited from a personal marketing and social media session. She suggested changes that have improved my overall sales and gave me a broader social media reach. I intend on using Shayla’s services again in the near future.”

— M. L. Gardner, Bestselling Author of 1929

Shayla added a personal touch to the editing process. I loved the Skype chat discussion. This was a good final step to troubleshoot problem areas in the manuscript. And she knows her editing rules. I was impressed with the side notes on why she flagged certain pieces. In addition, Shayla was excellent in keeping the voice of the author or aka—the voice of the characters in a fiction book. I would highly recommend Curiouser Editing. Five stars on turnaround time and personal interaction with the editor!

—Stacy Hendrickson, Author of The Mason List

Handing over my first novel was like digging my heart from my chest and buckling at the knees while it was pried from my hand. After a sworn month of biting nails, cringing fingers, and tantrums of anxiety, the hopes and expectations of my edits were outdone! Shayla Eaton’s copyedit and feedback were more than I expected, and now I call myself an undercover marketing agent for Curiouser Editing because every writer needs what they have to offer. To Shayla and Curiouser Editing, thank you for diving into the fantasy of my novel and exterminating all of my commas. I’ll be back soon with novel two.

—Damien T. Taylor, Enigma Awakening