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Dominion Editorial

twitter-profileWe are keenly aware of how hard it is for independent writers to find quality editing and eBook formatting at reasonable prices. You need to make a good impression on your readers but often the cost of such services is prohibitive, especially when you tack on the cost of book covers and promotion. As such, we’re offering a variety of editorial services and eBook formatting at extremely reasonable rates in order to help authors prepare their books for publication and avoid some of the stress involved in the process.

Listed below are the available services. (Please, no first draft works for proofreading, copy edits, or complete edits. We are able to offer our low prices through reasonable time allowances but we cannot commit the time and resources for first draft works at our listed prices. We are happy to provide follow-up assistance and advice on all edits and formats.) EMAIL with any questions.

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“Tim Marquitz and Dominion Editorial added a much needed level of polish to my manuscript. Not only was Tim extremely professional, his work was turned around in record time. My highest recommendation.”
– Timothy W. Long, author of Impact Earth: Symbiosis and more.

“I highly recommend Dominion. Easy to work with and spot on with the edits. I recently sold a novel after using their services. The publisher commented the level of polish on the ms helped seal the deal.”
– Kathryn M. Hearst, author of the SINISTRA DEI series and more.

“Paul has helped me tremendously with the proofreading for my novella “The Journey.” He has been easy to communicate with, very accommodating to my requests and most importantly delivered more than I asked for. I am looking forward to working with him on my future works.”
– J.D. Foster, author of The Journey

“A consummate professional and communicative, my experience with Tim Marquitz resulted in a manuscript that was made better by leaps and bounds. Issues were identified with thoughtful observation that was paired with quality suggestions for improvement. I cannot speak highly enough of Tim’s editing abilities, so much so that I would recommend any author looking to get their manuscript ready to go to him first. Every cent spent was worth it!”
– Jay Requard, author of Jishnu

“I worked with Paul to put the final editing touches on my debut novel, A Raven’s Touch. He was incredibly professional, had a great sense of humour, and worked efficiently within my timelines. He even surprised me a few days earlier. I would recommend Dominion Editorial services to anyone looking to polish their novel.”
– Linda Bloodworth, author of A Raven’s Touch

“What I enjoyed most about Tim’s edits on Galefire was the focus on making the piece an overall smoother read and his input on clearing up character inconsistencies and plot confusion. That kind of accurate (if sometimes brutal) honesty is hard to find, and Galefire is a tremendously better book because of it. Thanks, guys!”
– Kenny Soward, author of the Gnomesaga and Galefire

“Thank you to Paul and Tim of the wonderful Dominion Editorial for their perfect work as editors. They were a fearless and brilliant collaborator, and they really pushed me as a writer to be the best I could be and challenged me without question when they knew something could be better. The novel is complete due to their tireless work. Thank you, Dominion. Here is to a long and fruitful partnership! I can’t wait to work with them again…”
– Andi James Chamberlain, author of One Man And His Dogma

“I want to thank Tim Marquitz for his work on my novella. His editing on my manuscript helped to create the finely-tuned story I am proud of today. His professional attitude, quick communication and attention to detail are second to none, and I’d recommend Dominion Editorial services to anyone seeking help with formatting and editing.”
– Fiona Dodwell

“Tim really went above and beyond my expectations. Tell him thanks for the heads up on the legal issues related to song lyrics. It was super helpful.”
– Todd Luchik, author of Forgotten Boy