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geniuslinkGeoRiot is dedicated to streamlining the relationships between marketers, international users and various online storefronts with a global footprint.

Linking to your books, or any books, on Amazon, iBooks, or many other stores is an essential part of marketing your brand online. It’s these links that allow fans to find and purchase your book.

However, when your marketing includes links that are not “globalized” your international readers have a hard time buying. This leads to unhappy international followers and lost sales.

GeoRiot is the answer to this problem.

Optimizing your links through GeoRiot gives your international fans a better experience by sending them to your recommended book in their local online storefront.  Further, GeoRiot supports the international affiliate programs to open up an additional revenue stream from something you are already doing.

To learn more about enhancing your online marketing watch this short, animated, YouTube video (Stop Losing Money in Translation – GeoRiot) and visit our website.

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GeoRiot offers authors and publishers the ability to increase sales by providing intelligent purchase links. For links to online stores, like Amazon, GeoRiot provides international users a positive experience by sending them to the appropriate item in their local, device-specific storefront. By intelligently translating each click, not only do your fans get a great experience but you can improve your conversions, and (by leveraging the international affiliate programs) cash in on affiliate commissions.