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Inkflash-ad-350x250Inkflash is a Virtual Reality bookshop for authors, publishers and readers – all the 3D graphical goodness runs in your web browser. Visitors to this unique 3D website explore themed immersive rooms, where each room is like an interactive book trailer; a room can be a library, castle, alien planet, South Sea island, volcano or anything else.

We only launched recently, but we’re already helping authors to take their book marketing into a new dimension.

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* We can design and create a Virtual Reality “author room” to showcase your books. It’s like an interactive book trailer that readers can step inside and explore, from within their web browser
* Visitors can tweet a photo of your room at the click of a button
* If you already have a book trailer, this can be shown on a 3D video screen inside the room too
* Instant home page displaying your author bio, photo, links to your website and social media pages, and of course your books (complete with Amazon links), at inkflash.com/YourName
* Your 3D room can be displayed on your own website simply by copying & pasting a few lines of HTML (just like embedding a YouTube video)
* Social media marketing – once your room is created, we’ll tweet about your room and books regularly. Link your room to Twitter, Facebook etc to complete your social media marketing campaign
* Virtual book tours – host touring authors’ books on a “guest shelf”, and receive inbound visitors in return
* Dedicated book page showing your book cover, description, message forum and reviews. In fact, if your book is on Amazon, it already has a page on Inkflash – like this one for Eat Nourish Glow
* Online review aggregation – if a review website or blogger has reviewed your book, our hyper-smart web crawler will find it and show an excerpt from the review on your book page

Choose a memorable setting from your book and we’ll bring it to life in a form that visitors can explore. Please check our website for many recent examples.


“Since starting with Inkflash, we have been daily impressed at their energy, responsiveness, creativity, and professionalism. It’s been a pleasure working with them to build our room, and we are excited to see where Inkflash will take us and our readers.”
– The Gods and Bunnies Council
(Here’s their Virtual Reality book room!)

“Inkflash’s 3D Virtual Reality rooms are magical and addictive. No two rooms are alike! I love the mysterious and haunting room that was created for my novel The Silver Tattoo. Inkflash is the next big thing in book promotion. Watch out Amazon!”
– Laura Treacy Bentley, author of psychological thrillers The Silver Tattoo and Night Terrors
(Laura’s Virtual Reality book room)