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Inkspill Editing logoInkspill Editing: I’ve Got Your Commas and Your Characters

In order to write, you need to read. In order to edit, you need to write.

Faith Cotter reads. A lot. She read her first big novel at eight, a biography of the Dionne quintuplets, and as you can guess her social life has been hopping ever since. All that time spent with her nose buried in a book led to a dynamic background in writing and editing: from tackling investigative and feature stories as a journalist, to navigating the wonders of the industrial painting world as a technical writer and editor, to editing manuscripts written by independent authors, and going through the process of revising and publishing her own stories. She also wrote a thesis on Harry Potter. By the time she was finished she wished that Voldemort had succeeded in doing Harry in once and for all, but the thesis further developed her understanding of the research process and literature analysis.

She graduated from Point Park University with a Bachelor of Arts in Print Journalism and Mass Communications and a minor in English in 2011, and is currently working toward a Master of Arts in Professional Writing from Chatham University. You can find more information about her work and plenty of samples at her Portfolio below.

But just know this: She’s thorough, and she’s passionate about helping authors put their best foot forward. She’s got a knack, as a college professor once wrote, for seeing the unsaid in what has been said.

In other words, she’s got your commas and your characters. Especially the Oxford comma.

Oh, and to the non-native English speaking authors who need a native English speaker to copy edit their reports, theses, what have you—Faith’s got your back, and will be incredibly careful to not let any words or context get lost in translation.

Everyone has a story. Let Faith help you tell it. Puns regarding this concept and her name are welcomed.
To hire her as an editor, simply send an e-mail for rates and other information.

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  • Proofreading
  • Copy editing
  • Developmental editing


“Faith stepped up and did a phenomenal job editing my books. Her ability to take something that is good and turn it into something that is great is what sets Faith above the rest when it comes to editing.”
–Client David Allan Sturman, author of The Broken Son, Without a Home, and Never Again

“Faith is a rare editor. She does not simply correct grammar but she invests time to understand the context and the content of the piece and improves the writing, all the while staying true to the style of the author. Faith is a professional who goes the extra mile in the work she does. She leaves comments and feedback on the text connected with the content and suggests improvements but is very careful about altering the meaning of a sentence. This dedication is a unique trait and one of the reasons I have recommended Faith to my non-native English language speaker colleagues without reservation.”
–Client Arpine Porsughyan, independent researcher