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One On One Book Production & Marketing

ONE ON ONE is the Single Source for all your Book Production, Marketing, Promotion, and Distribution needs. Over 35 years publishing experience on hundreds of different projects. Our services include: Editing, Cover and Interior Design, Typesetting, and complete Marketing-Promotion and Distribution. We can lead you step-by-step through the entire book production and marketing process, set-up your distribution, and provide details about hundreds of promotional sources.

We were one of the founders of Publishers Marketing Association/PMA (now IBPA/Independent Book Publishers Association) in 1983. And were technical editors of The Self-Publishing Manual (Dan Poynter, Para Publishing).

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• MARKETING, DISTRIBUTION & PROMOTION: Complete marketing/distribution services to properly launch your books into the world marketplace. With over 35 years of publishing experience, we have extensive expertise and contacts in the booktrade. We guide you through the entire marketing of your books by sending you electronic files with detailed information about each step in the process – including not only simplified instructions, but also complete details about the many hundreds of promotional sources available, such as:

Book Reviews and Awards, Exhibits and Trade Shows, Co-op Marketing, Radio-TV Talk Shows, Listing Sources, and more. From the information, you can quickly determine the costs, entry deadlines, types of books accepted, and details about the event – to decide if a source is right for you before even going to their registration-website.

• E-BOOK & POD DISTRIBUTION: We can produce your E-Book front cover and book interior, coordinate E-Book conversion, and set-up worldwide Print-On-Demand (POD) and E-Book Distribution.

• MANUSCRIPT EDITING: Complete copy/content editing, and proofing to prepare your book for production. (The editing process usually begins by editing the first few chapters of your manuscript for your approval before moving on to the rest of your manuscript.)

• COVER DESIGN & PRODUCTION: In addition to cover design/production, we can also write (or aid you in writing) sales copy for your back cover and end flaps, produce galleys/ARCs, and guide you through soliciting review testimonials for your cover or jacket.

• PAGE DESIGN & TYPESETTING: Of your book interior complete with illustrations, photos and graphics ready for the printer or e-book conversion. Each book is designed to fit the subject of your book (we do not use preset cover or page templates). You own all rights to materials created for you.

• AWARDS OUR BOOKS HAVE WON: IBPA/Ben Franklin, Independent Publisher/IPPY, Forward Magazine, National Best Book, Outstanding Reference Book of the Year (from American Library Association) and many other honors.


Carolyn Porter provides all the pre-press services from editing to typesetting to book and cover design. Her excellent “one-stop shop” saves time and money for authors and publishers while she makes them look good. Alan Gadney is a champion book marketer. He is experienced, knowledgeable and, above all, tenacious. No one produces results like Gadney.” — Dan Poynter, Para Publishing, The Self-Publishing Manual

Carolyn Porter brings a wealth of experience and book development knowledge from her years at Que/Macmillan, and Alan Gadney, who served on the founding PMA Board, brings years of guerilla marketing experience within the book industry.” — Jan Nathan, former Executive Director, IBPA/PMA, the Independent Book Publishers Association

Carolyn was a pleasure to work with… I sent her a raw version of my book and she magically transformed it into a very readable best seller with a cover design that greatly exceeded my expectations. So far I’ve sold more than 2,000,000 copies. Many people have asked me how I published and promoted my book. Well, I have a secret weapon, his name is Alan Gadney. He not only guided me through the complicated marketing process, but he hung in there until I succeeded. I owe much to Alan, and I highly recommend his service.” — Dr. Terry Rondberg, World Chiropractic Alliance

In two years, Alan Gadney grew my company from a one-book publisher to an entire line of legal books that had a leading position in my distributor’s booth at the BEA Convention, along with a wall-sized BEA entrance-banner seen daily by over 40,000 book buyers and sellers. Carolyn Porter’s brilliant book designs and covers helped to insure that my books would sell. To date my company has expanded to include several books with major New York publishers (McGraw-Hill, Prentice Hall, Time-Life, Warner Books), extensive speaking engagements, and a radio show.” — Steven Mitchell Sack, Legal Strategies Publications

One-On-One Book Production helped me give birth to a 2 volume, 960-page set of books that made me tops in my field (advertising). I’m grateful to Carolyn Porter for transforming jumbles of notes into miraculous, orderly text, and to Alan Gadney for securing distribution and sharing his marketing savvy with me.” — Helen Berman, Berman Publishing

“I came to Alan Gadney not knowing what an ISBN was – and now I’ve sold over 150,000 copies of my first book! I have a terrific distributor and my books are featured in book stores nationally. Alan helped me navigate the waters of the publishing world, saving me time and money with his knowledge that you only gain with years of experience.” — Eric Drachman, Kidwick Books

Your service was phenomenal! You kept me informed and did everything to ensure the success of my first book, well beyond what was required. As a result, during pre-publication, I was able to secure over $25,000 in seminar dates. I now have produced four books through One-On-One.” — Myers Barnes, MBA Publications