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Rochelle Deans Editing

Deans_Editing Profile PictureI graduated magna cum laude from George Fox University with a degree in writing and literature. Immediately after graduating, I began my career as an editor: for technical resources for an environmental agency. After a year or two on the job, I knew I should have been more specific when I said my dream job was to edit. Since then, I have edited academic dissertations, non-fiction books, and novels, all of which I find more engaging. There is nothing like working when you love your work.

With an uncanny eye for detail, I’m your go-to editor for manuscripts that need a finishing touch. I love finding small details that don’t quite make sense and brainstorming solutions, fixing timeline inconsistencies, and making sure you hook the reader with every sentence you write. I read for sentence flow and have an ear for rhythm and sentence variation. As an author myself, I understand what it takes to craft a manuscript with care, and specialize in what it takes to edit one into perfection.

I charge by the word because I find it’s a win/win situation for both the authors I work with and me. Authors know up front what they’ll be paying, and I get to focus on the words in your manuscript rather than the time on my clock. I’m a collaborative editor who loves emails with authors discussing plot points and ways to make the manuscript shine.

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This type of service can vary greatly. My work includes detailed editing for sense and checking for consistency. My main goal is to remove any obstacles between the reader and what the author wants to convey. In this type of editing, I will leave comments on character consistency, major plot holes, pacing, rhythm, word choice, and questions I have. I will leave notes on timeline consistency and word-level consistency in broad strokes.

If you would like me to do a complete consistency check for timeline, words and names to a style guide you specify (e.g., are your villains man-eaters, maneaters, or Maneaters?), please let me know when you contact me.


Proofreading is the last step before publication of a manuscript. This entails looking for spelling errors, omitted words, typographical mistakes, etc. It does not include style, tone, or any other line editing service.

I offer proofreading to those with a polished novel that I have not previously edited. If I receive sample pages for this service with more than one error per page, or with a story that doesn’t seem ready for publication, I will recommend a line edit and/or developmental edit instead.


After Rochelle edited only a small sample of my middle-grade novel, I realized my expectations from the benefits of obtaining a professional edit were set far too low. Rochelle is beyond meticulous, and her comments include precise explanations as needed. My only disappointment is that I didn’t find Rochelle sooner, but I certainly look forward to her being a part of my future projects.

–Danny McCallister

Rochelle did a wonderful job on a 97,000-word novel, with painstaking attention to detail. If you are looking for an extra set of eyes to catch the slightest error (which she seems to find a perverse joy in doing), I cannot recommend her too highly.

–Michael McDonagh