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u-self-publish-logoUSelfPublish.com is a new and exciting website to provide a one-stop-shop for all authors and writers who are interested in following, or have already started on the self-publishing route.

In Paula Wynne’s role as editor of iHubbub.com she reviews hundreds of books; within this she often finds an excellent writing guide arriving on her desk. As an author these always take her interest; particularly those which talk about self-publishing, which is something she is very interested in doing herself.

She began compiling a feature on self-publishing; how to get started, what not to do, how to do it successfully and how to market your self-published books. She found herself with enough information for an entire website, and lo and behold – USelfPublish.com was born!

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U Self-Publish is focused on finding all the resources, template, formatting, advice and help a writer needs when self-publishing their books.

U Self-Publish is full of advice and articles on all aspects of getting your book from the first written word to actually being on-sale, including how to write successfully for your chosen audience, details of the self-publishing platforms available to you, finding editors and illustrators, marketing and publicity to generate sales and getting your self-published book out there, where the world can read it.

Any aspiring writers are invited to list a self-published book, which is shared in our monthly mailings and social media channels.