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Charles W. McDonald Jr.

charles-mcCharles W. McDonald Jr. was born in Oklahoma City, raised in Norman, Oklahoma, and is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma with a BBA in Management Information Systems and a Minor in Economics. He also has a background in Aerospace Engineering and High Availability Systems Engineering. Honorably discharged from the United States Air Force Reserves, he also has a background in the armed forces. He lives with his wife, Brandy L. McDonald, in Roanoke, TX.

In the summer of 1995, Charles read every available book on the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan in a couple of weeks, and later that same July awoke in the middle of the night from an incredibly immersive dream. Charles began writing, by hand, everything he could remember from that dream which became the outline for the story of A Throne of Souls. Very shortly afterwards, Charles wrote Robert Jordan directly, looking for advice and inspiration for his own work, and Robert Jordan personally responded in a three-page letter, encouraging Charles to tell his story in his way and in his time. The completion of A Throne of Souls is a deeply personal mission for Charles to thank the spirit of Robert Jordan.

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A Throne of Souls, Book One: A Kingdom Forgotten (Sci-Fi, Epic Fantasy, Military-Fiction, Fiction)

throne-of-soulsIn the wake of the banned, and now infamous, Damon’s Damnation spell, one immeasurably powerful outlaw mage tests the boundaries of corruption undone, of fate, and of a justice purpose-built for him. In his obsession to gain enough power to test these boundaries, he tests the boundaries of Creation itself, affecting the seeds of Humanity throughout the known Universe. The accumulation of all this power begins and ends with a triad of pivotal relationships, and with his evolving understanding of his own soul. This is the story of the execution of his Master Plan to thwart the very fate he brought into existence with the making of A Throne of Souls.

A Note from the Author: This provocative, epic, and cerebral thriller breaks all the rules crossing over genre elements of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Fiction, and Military-Fiction, but as you start reading A Throne of Souls, it will become apparent why those rules had to be broken to tell this story. My goal in delivering this product to you was to be worthy of this amazingly unique story in the way that I tell it—to bring it to you in my voice, but to do so beautifully, elegantly, and intelligently. It will be a rewarding challenge for you and a story filled with characters you won’t soon forget. It’s not a light, nor easy read. It requires the reader’s undivided attention and full engagement. If you pay attention to the time and location markers throughout the story, you’ll be rewarded with some brilliant clue-drops and ‘ah hah’ moments. As the timelines begin to cross over one another, the story is aiming to deliver a deeply immersive escape and highly entertaining experience. The characters are meant to reflect real-world thoughts, emotions, motives, and agendas. There are very impactful characters, both male and female, everywhere throughout the storyline, and in all genres of this story, so don’t get the impression this is a male-dominant storyline because of the military influence. You’ll find some female characters I’m certain you will come to love. Not every protagonist in this story is ‘good,’ and not every antagonist is ‘evil.’ There will be times when there is conflict between protagonists and even between antagonists. If you’re looking for traditional ‘good’ vs ‘evil’ with an easy read, and, quite frankly, ‘typical’ delivery, look elsewhere. If you’re looking for one, and only one, obvious protagonist with overt rationale in the narrative, there’s tens of thousands of novels out there for you. This isn’t one of those. However, if you’re looking for a fruitful challenge, with a story like nothing you’ve ever read before, told in a completely unique way, and multi-faceted characters so rich that you’ll come to adore them, then this is your story and A Throne of Souls was purpose-written for you. Please enjoy it with all my best wishes and hopes. – Charles W. McDonald Jr.

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