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Chris Davie

chris-davieChris Davie is a wanderer and jack of all trades. Along with Reggae music and Marmite, he has a passion for reading and telling tales. He writes poetry, short stories, blogs and articles. A Green and Pleasant Land is his first novel. Chris lives in Hampshire, England with his partner and their two turtles.

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A Green and Pleasant Land (Science-Fiction, Dystopian)

gpl_front_finalJoshua and Anthony have grown up in a Republic of England and Wales that has been ravaged by years of social deprivation. As the hostile gulf between rich and poor widens, fate causes their paths to divide and they find themselves on opposing sides of the Rebuild Party’s solution to the nation’s problems: The Transport Scheme.

As the friends descend into a world of violence and exploitation, can salvation be found in the morally ambiguous Freetopia Movement and their charismatic leader, Stickles? Or will the shadows of Discard Processing Centre 04 claim them? A Green and Pleasant Land offers a chilling insight into a future that we hope we can avoid.

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