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Colette R. Harrell

Colette R. Harrell has released her newest novel, Later. This fantasy adventure satisfies at every turn of a page. It provides a sometimes humorous, historical rendering of a family that follows their heart and, in return, receives the gift of justice, acceptance, and romantic love. It’s all about the Happily Ever After for her.

Colette made her debut as an author with the book; The Devil Made Me Do It, a multiple award-winning tale of love, body positivity, and forgiveness. As a published author, she has enjoyed meeting her readers and engaging them in discussions centered around their mutual love of literature. She holds a master’s degree and worked as a director of social services, which allowed her a front-row seat to the conflict and struggles of everyday people.

Her days are filled as an Author, Story Editor, and Book Coach. She wears many titles allowing twenty-four hours a day to meet the challenge. She is a wife and mother and embraces all that important role provides. She understands in all things; we need balance.

Her goal in writing is to engage readers and provide them with golden nuggets of wisdom that feed and titillate. Her biggest lesson is that it takes a village to raise a dream. She loves and appreciates everyone who is a part of her village.

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LATER (AA Fantasy, AA Historical, AA Contemporary Fiction, AA Inspirational Fiction)

In 1859, Junie Benson was a twelve-year-old genius and enslaved. His older sister, Sari, had her own difficulties, including being auctioned to the highest bidder. She was also beautiful, flighty, and had a repetitive dream about a hazel-eyed white stranger. Everybody with the good sense God had given them knew even her dream was forbidden. But that didn’t stop Sari from dreaming. And, in the world she lived in, dreams could get you killed. However, if you have a little brother who is a genius and who has special help from up above, things might be more different than normal. And, being different from normal in 1859 was a good thing.

In the present, three things troubled ex-Special Forces Lt. Colonel Zachary Trumble . . . his new job as director of security for Burstein Labs, his loveless marriage, and the green-eyed siren who won’t let him sleep in peace. Dreams have a way of traveling, and what if we could follow a dream in the physical, wherever it may lead? Could the Benson family be an open door for the happiness Zachary has always wanted? When the powers use the elements of nature to right the wrongs of yesterday, today, things can get more than topsy turvy.

When time’s fickle hand brews a recipe for a miracle . . . We stir in three runaway slaves, an avalanche, one mad scientist, and an unhappy in-love hero to create a dish for revenge best served . . . Later.

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