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Craig Boldy

Craig Boldy is a writer from South Yorkshire, England. He lives with his wife and Labrador and has a nine to five as an accountant with a global law firm.

Craig has always loved to read, spending a great deal of his childhood in libraries and is now incapable of passing a bookshop without at least a passing glance through the door. He finds contentment either behind the pages reading a good book or in front of a laptop screen, writing one.

After being selected to have a poem published in a regional High School anthology at the age of 14, he was bitten by the writing bug, producing various short stories just for the entertainment of doing so.

Craig’s writing career has had an awkward start. After working in demanding fields such as Accountancy, Bar Management and Customer Service he has finally found the time to put words on paper.

As a lover of comedy, science fiction and good old-fashioned swords and sorcery fiction, he likes to write what he knows best with his first novel “Overlord of Time” being a science fiction time travel adventure written in an easy-to-read style with humour and a unique twist.

He currently spends his nights working on his next novel “The Infiltrator”, a science fiction technology thriller following a paraplegic ex-secret agent recruited into a shadowy government agency and used to control the minds of criminals as the crimes are committed.

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Overlord of Time (Science Fiction, Time Travel, Dystopian)

Have you ever wondered if time travel was possible? Would you like to explore a different time and place? It may sound interesting and appealing, but are you aware of the dangers that time travel can hide? Are you ready to put yourself and your loved ones in great danger?

Well, just like you, Jason wasn’t ready for the mysteries ahead of him. Jason had made a lot of money as a researcher and now was living the perfect regular life. His company, FutureTech was developing multiple projects, but Jason didn’t realise one of them was about to backfire. He never thought he would end up being sucked into a life-changing adventure through the mysterious and intricate web of time.

Jason suddenly finds himself in the middle of a mystery which threatens to change the whole world as he knows it. What is he going to do? What would you do in his position? Join Jason on one of the most thrilling time-travel adventures ever!

Written in an easy-to-read style, and with a unique twist, this incredible story will not only satisfy a sci-fi enthusiast but anyone who is looking for a nail-biting adventure that will keep them longing for the next page!

Come face to face with futuristic and dangerous armies, uncover deep secrets and join Jason on a mind-blasting adventure to save his life and his future!

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