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Danny Skyfeather

Danny Skyfeather is an author, energy healer, hypnotherapist, avid meditator, runner, and father. Like many humans, he survived through a very traumatic and painful childhood. Much of his work is born from those early experiences, and from the 30 years of intense personal healing work that he has done since then. His books are written to help access and unleash the energy of love, and to spark transformational processes of healing and awakening within his readers.


The Power of Unconditional Self-Love (Non-Fiction, Self-Help)

Welcome to The Power of Unconditional Self-Love.

This book represents a revolutionary opportunity to shift, heal, uplift and transform literally every area of your life. This work takes the process of loving yourself to deep, primordial, and energetic levels. It is for courageous souls. With The Power of Unconditional Self-Love you will learn how to access the energy of love and direct it into your cells, body, heart, and mind. By using the transcendent and intelligent energy of love in this way, you can heal yourself on levels where language and intellect are unable to reach. Learn more:


A Global Heart-Coherent Energy-Field of Love (Non-Fiction, Self-Help)

Welcome to A Global Heart-Coherent Energy Field of Love…

This is a growing network of open hearts who are committed to awakening and manifesting the energy of love within and through our minds and bodies – in service to all life everywhere. Connecting to this Global Heart-Coherent Energy Field of Love is as simple as passionately anchoring the core affirmation, or “heart-command,” into your chest and subconscious mind every day. With every repetition you are automatically connected with all others who repeat this command – while receiving the waves of love-energy flowing through it. Love is the energy that is present in all moments of time and all places at once. Learn More:


Heart-Commands of a Love-Driven Millionaire Mind (Non-Fiction, Self-Help)

If you know on a deep intuitive level that you are destined to make a massive positive impact on the world – and to manifest millions of joy-rich dollars in the process – then this book was written specifically for you. This book is intentionally crafted and designed to be read and worked over and over again with passionate intensity, dogged tenacity, and willful persistence. What is required is a long-term inner commitment to reshape all levels of your mind. A heart-centered millionaire mind and life is not something you can purchase in a fast food drive-through. You can’t harvest the crop in the same season that you plant the seeds. Learn more: