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Doug Stanfield

Doug Stanfield, writing poetry and fiction under the name “Hemmingplay,” is the youngest son of a teacher and a nurse who grew up on a family farm in western Ohio. He had a few disreputable occupations, including newspaper reporter and editor, and public relations flak, but is trying to make amends.

His desire to write fiction and poetry never really went away. When the kids were safely off making their own mistakes, he turned on the computer, stared at the screen for a long time, and began again.

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I Came From A Place of Fireflies (Poetry)

This volume is about a lifetime of accidents —disguised as intentions—finally getting the attention they deserve. The poems, and one short story, are a search for a common human thread.

The author has been a newspaper reporter and editor; white-collar crime investigator; small business owner, and a cog in the bureaucratic machinery of the higher education industry. None of us likes to feel that our lives didn’t make much of a difference. But maybe we never really know the truth. Maybe what we should do is to sit under the apple tree, listening to the apples fall and wasting their sweetness, and just be able to tell ourselves that we tasted as many as we could.