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Ed Faunce

After a career in the automotive industry, Ed Faunce pursued his passion for writing – starting with Indiana University’s communications department, where he wrote public relations copy, working his way to an undergraduate degree in humanities. From that part-time writing gig, Ed expanded his repertoire into photography and video production while working there, also helping to co-produce a short film that was screened at the prestigious Chicago Children’s International Film Festival. After Graduating in 2012 with his Master’s in Digital Storytelling from Ball State University, he wrote several short stories and articles that were featured in various local and national online webzines, as well as being included in science fiction anthology e-books. Ed has ghostwritten articles for international magazines and even took a short turn as a Hollywood gossip columnist (Not as fun as one might think). As an educator, Ed has taught web design and digital video editing, and now is an instructor in speech, and business communication for Indiana University at Kokomo. Trifecta: Three Stories is just a small portion of the work that he has put together for e-zine publications. He is currently working on two more anthologies that will be out in the near future. As an actor, Ed can be seen in television commercials, music videos and Disney fan films on YouTube. You can see more from Ed at:

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Trifecta: Three Stories (Short Stories, Book 1) – Short Stories

Hit the jackpot with Trifecta: Three Stories, the anthology debut of writer Ed Faunce.

A strong female cop is diagnosed with a brain tumor that allows her to read the mind of a serial killer. A middle-aged loser finds a magic slot machine that grants his wishes. A courier for the Spanish Underground in WWII falls in love while sharing dangerous information. Life is a gamble for these three. The question is: Who wins? Find out in Trifecta: Three Stories by Ed Faunce.

Deadly Visions
Katie Smith is a young cop with a brain tumor. After a botched brain scan she can now read the mind of a serial killer as he stalks and tortures his victims, driving her close to insanity. Along with fighting her disease Katie has to deal with the disbelief of her psychiatrist, Dr. Shultz, and her ex-police partner, Josh Miles. Katie is on the edge of her dwindling physical and mental resources as she uses her visions to stop the “ Open Trail Park Killer” before he kills again.

The Casino Genie
Herb is a gambler that has lost everything: His health, his wealth and the woman he loves. His neighbors hate him, his ex-wife thinks he is irresponsible, and his relatives enable his vices. Everyone around Herb is drawn into his world of good luck turned bad when he discovers a magical genie slot machine at his favorite casino. The Casino Genie grants Herb’s desires but the results come with bitter consequences.

Strong Like A Woman
Ramon is playing a dangerous game in Franco’s Axis Spain during WW II when he finds unexpected romance passing information for the Spanish Underground. His passion for Delores, the recent contact in Barcelona, will reveal how much he really can trust himself as he discovers her most intimate secrets.