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Hans Erdman

Hans Erdman is a retired park ranger and former paramedic, who currently works in the field of Emergency Medical Services special event administration and training, when he is not writing, bicycling or fly fishing. A long-time fan of J.R.R Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Terry Goodkind and Stephen Donaldson, Hans began writing fantasy as an escape after his wife was diagnosed with cancer in 2016, and it really took off after she was declared in full remission in early 2017. In his vivid imagination, Hans created the realms of Gewellyn and the Aerielands that became the setting for “Truthbearer: The Journeys of Connor Clark,” Hans’ first foray into epic fantasy. Previously, his published non–fiction works have appeared in a number of emergency medical, silent sport, conservation and law enforcement publications, as well as his Backcountry blog, which has also hosted his fictional Mill Forge Christmas stories based on the early Forest Rangers in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. Hans and Ellen, his wife of 40 years, live in Central Minnesota and have two daughters and six grandchildren to keep them busy.

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Truthbearer: The Journeys of Connor Clark: The Gewellyn Chronicles, Book I (Fantasy)

Forced to witness the execution of his wife for refusing to renounce her faith, Connor Clark escapes his captors and seeks refuge in the forest. There he encounters the wizard Padraig, who leads him into the Juncture of the Nine Worlds. Then, the adventure really begins!Connor is given a quest, to bear the truth about the rise of the Dark Magic to the Nine Worlds. Accompanied by two elves from the Aerielands, the beautiful Ranger, Iolena, and the impetuous bounty hunter, Menta Kai, Connor must learn to separate friend from foe and truth from lie, in the Realm of Gewellyn, where the magic has died.

Coming in “The Gewellyn Chronicles” Connor, Iolena and Menta Kai’s Journeys continue in “Truthbearer: Beyond the Aerielands”! And in “The High Sheriff of Gewellyn” and “The Healers.of Gewellyn”, Connor Clark’s family, transplanted from First Earth, find their way in a strange land of elves, eagles and Raiders, where justice and medicine confront both dark and deep magic, in the exciting follow-ups to “Truthbearer”!

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Trinity of the Truthbearer: The Journeys of Connor Clark: The Gewellyn Chronicles, Book II (Fantasy)

Connor Clark is a strong man in body and spirit. But he is nothing without his soulmate, the beautiful Iolena Yaleria, and their adopted daughter, Menta Kai, by his side. It’s a lesson that Connor learns the hard way when he tries to confront the Dark Lord, Declan Dhark, on his own, and almost loses everything worth living for. Admonished by his friend and mentor, the wizard/cleric Padraigh, Connor vows to never split up the Trinity again. But Lord Dhark will not be denied. He will send a team of 20th-century Irish assassins and even a steam-driven tank to try and stop Connor from carrying the Truth to the Nine Worlds. The lies and deception are so strong that even the act of Confession may not succeed in finding the truth. From the Queen of Hevanok, to the pub in Bolandria, to the streets of Gewellyn itself, and across the shimmering portal of the Bridge above the stars, Connor and his Elven wife and daughter race the Dark Lord’s forces to save a child and bring the Truth to the remaining six Worlds, facing new danger and new adventures at every turn.

Truthbearer 2: Trinity of the Truthbearer, the exciting sequel to Truthbearer, is the second book in the Journeys of Connor Clark.

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Truthbearer’s Daughters: The Journeys of Connor: The Gewellyn Chronicles, Book III (Fantasy)

FAMILY FIRST! FAMILY FIRST ALWAYS! These are the words that Connor Clark and his beautiful wife Iolena Yaleria live by. These are the words that mean everything to the Truthbearer and his Guardian, and the four daughters who are their family. Alenia, the fiery, redheaded Captain of the Borderlands Rangers, shares her mother’s green eyes and passionate love for the Aerielands, and the oldest daughter’s sense of duty to her family. Whenever and wherever her family needs her, she is there. Shannon, born of First Earth, the mother of Connor’s granddaughters, is the Queen and High Sheriff of Gewellyn. The consummate police officer, her only fear is that which she cannot control, until the Deep Magic gives her reason to live for more. Menta Kai, the adopted daughter; A former slave, fiercely devoted to Connor and Iolena, she is the child of prophecy who will rise, with her daughter Princess Lona, to become the greatest she-elf in the history of the Nine Worlds. Fiona, born in the future, raised in the past and united with her family in the present, is the mirror image of her mother and a woman of great beauty and amazing magical power. Trained to be an assassin, she is the White Owl, the Guardian of her sister Menta Kai, the Great High Queen of All the Elves. Four amazing, beautiful women willing to do anything for each other and for their parents as they carry the Truth to the Nine Worlds; they are the Truthbearer’s Daughters. “Truthbearer’s Daughters” is the third book in the epic fantasy series, The Journeys of Connor Clark, the Gewellyn Chronicles.

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