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Hans M Hirschi

HansHans Martin Hirschi (b. 1967) has been writing stories ever since he was a child. Adulthood and the demands of corporate life efficiently put an end to his fictional writing for over twenty years. A global executive in training and channel development, Hans has traveled the world and published a couple of non-fictional titles. The birth of his son and the subsequent parental leave provided him with a much needed breathing hole and the opportunity to once again unleash his creative writing.

Having little influence over his brain’s creative workings, he simply indulges it and goes with the flow. However, the deep passion for a better world, for love and tolerance are a red thread throughout both his creative and non-fictional work.

Hans lives with his husband, son and pets on a small island off the west coast of Sweden.

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Last Winter’s Snow (Literary Fiction/LGBT)

This is the story of Nilas and how he navigates life, trying to reconcile being gay as well as being Sami. Set over several decades, we follow Nilas and his Swedish husband Casper, as they build a life amid the shallows of bigotry, discrimination, and the onset of the AIDS crisis.

Last Winter’s Snow portrays recent LGBT history from a Swedish perspective, from the days when being gay was considered a “mental disorder” to today’s modern anti-discrimination legislation and the move toward equality. It’s also the story of one couple and the ups and downs of everyday life in the face of changing rules and attitudes toward them and their relationship.

Last, not least, it’s a book that celebrates the rich history and culture of the Sami and their land, Sápmi, as well as their ongoing struggle to achieve recognition and win back the right to self-determination over lands they’ve lived on for thousands of years.

Last Winter’s Snow is Hans M Hirschi’s first novel set almost entirely in Sweden, but it is the second time (after Fallen Angels of Karnataka) he takes his readers on a journey into the mountainous regions of Scandinavia in one of his acclaimed novels.


Family Ties (Literary Fiction/LGBT)

Family TiesThe next twenty-four hours may be the most important in Sascha Meyer’s life. Returning with his husband Dan and their twin boys to the village of his youth to bury his mother, he’ll confront more than feelings of grief and loss at her funeral. His strained relationship with his brother Mike, who is struggling in his own marriage, and the far-reaching influence of his late parents can’t be ignored any longer. While he finds his way as a husband, brother, and father, Sascha must uncover the courage to challenge the demons of his youth, while Mike must fight for his marriage. But what of Dan’s own secrets? Will they threaten to unravel the already fragile bond of Sascha’s growing family?

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Jonathan’s Hope: Jonathan Trilogy, Book I (Literary Fiction/LGBT)

Jonathan's HopeAbandoned to freeze to death in a winter forest by his father because of his homosexuality, Jonathan desperately struggles to survive, until he accidentally stumbles upon Dan, who owns a cabin in the woods. Dan has been fighting his own demons since the death of his lover Sean. Having retreated from big city life, he is content to live in solitude, but he never counted on meeting Jonathan. Given the dire circumstances, Dan must set his own needs aside to help Jonathan reclaim his life, but he soon finds that the ghosts of both their pasts won’t die so easily.

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Jonathan’s Promise: Jonathan Trilogy, Book II (Literary Fiction/LGBT)

Jonathan’s Promise – the long awaited sequel to Jonathan’s Hope, Hans M Hirschi’s most successful novel to date.
Dan is gone. On his death bed, Jonathan made him a promise, a promise that will affect the remainder of Jonathan’s life. But what does he have left to live for? With his husband gone, it is the promise that keeps him going, and the family he started with Dan.
Jonathan’s grandson Parker and his fiancé Cody move in with Jonathan, to look after him. Together they embark on a journey to shed light on Dan’s roots and the three men go on a vacation on a cruise ship that will forever alter their lives.
Jonathan’s Promise deals with aging and the ultimate consequences of wedding wows. Are we entitled to a second shot at happiness? When is “for worse” just too much to handle? Is it a sign of true love to let go of your loved one, to let them start anew?
Jonathan’s Promise is a heart-warming sequel to Jonathan’s Hope. Mission Impossible some have said, given the former’s ending, but one day Jonathan and Dan came back, and had another story to tell…
Jonathan’s Promise is published by Beaten Track Publishing as paperback and eBook.


Jonathan’s Legacy: Jonathan Trilogy, Book III (Literary Fiction/LGBT)

Jonathan’s Legacy returns to the roots of the Jonathan Trilogy: the love for those weakest amongst us, children, particularly the undesired ones, street kids who find new homes and love, just as Jonathan and Dan once had, in their youth.
In this book we return to the Jackson family, founded by Jonathan and Dan. We follow them, as they grapple with the loss of their family patriarch. Parker and Cody set out to start a patch-work family of their own, and Marc comes to term with his loss. And who is Kim Hwan?
Jonathan’s Legacy returns to the roots the trilogy, the love for those weakest amongst us, children, particularly the undesired ones, and we get to follow a group of street kids who find new homes and love, just as Jonathan and Dan once had, in their youth.
This is the third and final book in this accidental trilogy, a book written out of the desperate need to provide answers, bring hope where there was only despair. Anything but a happily ever after is unimaginable.


The Opera House (Literary Fiction/LGBT)

The Opera HouseThe Ultimate Loss Raphael doesn’t believe in a higher power, or in anything, for that matter. After the death of his son, his life shattered, Raphael regrets that he didn’t lie about some perfect paradise, and he pushes away everything that once mattered to him—his lover, his job, his reputation as a top architect. Then he meets Brian, a homeless, maybe hopeless kid.

A Second Chance Brian’s a street kid. When he disappears, Raphael realizes that he cannot fail another person, and he launches a full-out search. What he finds both breaks his heart and begins to heal it.

A Little Magic The price of saving Brian is high, maybe too high. But Raphael is no stranger to sacrifice, and he’ll risk everything to save Brian and reunite with the man Raphael now loves. The question is—How? Like the architecture of the opera house Raphael designs, the steps to regaining his life will depend not just on careful planning, but faith, hope, and maybe just the magic of love.


Living the Rainbow: A gay family triptych (Literary Fiction/LGBT)

Living The RainbowIn this gripping triptych, Hans M. Hirschi presents three very different and deeply moving portraits of gay family life. While each is a complete story in its own right, all three share common themes, exploring the devastating impact of death, the deep wounds left by abuse, the damage wreaked by homophobia, and, ultimately, the power of love to overcome and heal.

This compilation is comprised of Hans M. Hirschi’s bestselling novels “Family Ties”, “Jonathan’s Hope” & “The Opera House”.


The Fallen Angels of Karnataka (Literary Fiction/LGBT)

fallen angelsIn an isolated mountain town in Norway, Haakon dreams of traveling the world, pursuing adventure, seeing great cities, finding love. His very first trip to London with friends from university offers much promise, yet soon after tragedy strikes. Still young, and mourning the loss of his lover, Haakon is not ready to give up on his dream, so when a rich Englishman offers him the chance to join him on a tour of the world, Haakon takes it, daring to believe that his dream is finally coming true…but at what price?

The Fallen Angels of Karnataka is a novel filled with adventure, life’s hard-learned lessons, loss, despicable evil, and finally, love and redemption.

“A remarkable story that will have readers hooked until the end.” – Denny Patterson, Vital VOICE Magazine


Willem Of The Tafel (LGBT/Science-Fiction/Fantasy)

WillemoftheTafel-f2The world we know is gone. On a post apocalyptic Earth, centuries into the future, few have survived the great war. They have taken refuge deep inside a mountain. One of them, Willem, is exiled.
Struggling to survive, alone, Willem embarks on an epic journey, making a discovery that could alter the future of humanity, once again.

Beaten Track

Spanish Bay (LGBT/Young Adult)

SpanishBaySpanish Bay is a feel-good novel about two young men who, despite having the odds stacked against them, never give up, always see the silver lining, work hard, and are committed to their families, come what may.
Chris, a Texan native who recently moved to Carmel, rescues wheelchair-bound Neil from bullies. Neither question the love that develops between them, although their life together is not without challenges. When Chris’s parents die in a car accident, their young love faces the ultimate test. Will they be able to cope with the additional responsibility of raising Chris’s baby brother Frank, who is also confined to a wheelchair?
Spanish Bay is about love, overcoming obstacles, and finding happiness, wherever you are.


Ross Deere: Handy Man (Erotica/LGBT)

Ross Deere – Handy Man is the story of a young man who stumbled into the escorting business by accident. Ten years later, about to date someone for real for the first time, he looks back at some of the clients he’s met over the years, decisions he’s made, and parallels to his current life.

Meet lawyers, professors, students, aspiring Hollywood actors, and many others who, at one point or another, have found themselves in need of Ross’s services.

Ross Deere – Handy Man is an erotic novel, funny and free of drama—a steamy read with plenty of fast-paced action that will leave you sweaty and satisfied!

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WARNING: this story contains sex acts between consenting male adults.


Shorts – Stories from Beneath the Rainbow (Short Stories/LGBT)

“Shorts – Stories from Beneath the Rainbow” is a collection of LGBTQ-themed short stories. In happy or dire circumstances, this collection offers glimpses into contemporary LGBTQ life from many different angles and perspectives, and from diverse cultures—

a beggar trying to survive, the mother of a drug addict, a groom on his wedding day, a gay family running from impending war, a refugee above the Arctic circle, a bullied kid, a gay man witnessing a crime, a rushed middle-aged man, a banker in love, a lesbian mom in Las Vegas, a public servant getting ready for her intern, an Alzheimer patient in Bombay, a cop in Los Angeles, a doctor in Atlanta, a man celebrating Christmas on his own, a ruthless killer, a survivor of a WWII concentration camp

—all different, yet alike in their humanity.

“Shorts – Stories from Beneath the Rainbow” is a kaleidoscope, a colorful sample of the rainbow in its true form: life.


Common Sense – In Business and Life (Non-Fiction, Management, HR, Diversity, Communication)

Common sense is like great music, mesmerizing art or funny jokes: difficult to pinpoint but we all recognize it when we see it. In this book, Hans M Hirschi explores the concept of common sense, through philosophy, reflection, and practice.

Using his thorough experience from business and management from all corners of the world, Hans demonstrates that “common sense” is not as common as you might think. What is regarded as common sense in Sweden isn’t necessarily true in China, Tunisia or Brazil. He uses clear examples to provide insight into cultural differences that affect the world of business as well as everyday life.

This second edition, completely re-edited and with a new chapter on Talent Management, will help you use your common sense all over the world – in business and in life.