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Jason Fink

As a former gorilla wrangler and elephant herder (or so he claims), this author has some serious skills. From the Peace Corps to public health, he’s had a winding path full of diverse experiences all thanks to his ADHD. He’s taught at an inner-city elementary school, worked at an eye bank collecting eyes, directed an allied health program and has done in-depth public health work. And when he’s not busy making the world a better place, he’s writing – he’s won awards for his short stories and has self-published many fictional works. So if you’re in need of a skilled and slightly unconventional writer this former gorilla-wrangler-turned-public-health-pro might just be the author for you.

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How to Write a Short Story in Five Days (Non-fiction writing guide)

“How to Write a Short Story in Five Days” offers a practical and effective guide to crafting compelling short stories in a short amount of time. With detailed instruction and expert advice, this book will guide you through each step of the writing process, from planning and outlining to refining and polishing. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced writer, this book offers valuable insights and techniques to help you bring your unique voice and vision to the page. With dedication and practice, you can develop the skills you need to succeed as a writer and create stories that will captivate and inspire your readers. Includes a section on writing tips for people with ADD and ADHD as well as a section on non-western structures, as well as suggestions on how to use adaptive AI language models like ChatGPT.


Quantum Prosthetics (Science-Fiction)

Surprisingly enough, the Singularity didn’t start with the internet. It started with an amputee. This is the tale of two Dacks, one a human, the other an accidentally formed artificial intelligence – though it doesn’t think that its intelligence is all that artificial. To prove it, the computer version of Dack will take over the human, then the world… not really. Together they embark on a journey, a winding path that tries to define what it is to be human. This is an experimental novella, a technology-based Jonathan Livingston Seagull if you will written as a series of tangents within tangents.


Selected Shorts (and Some Pants) (Non-fiction writing guide)

A few years’ worth of short stories. Ranging from nonfiction to sci-fi to romance, this collection has a bit of everything.

Tattoos and modesty, the Moon pushed to Mars, and the emotional impact of hunting a serial killer in a war zone. These are just some of the stories tucked inside. Robin Williams helping a guy land a girl, teenage firefighters, and a new American Civil war await your readership.