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Joanne Salsbury

Joanne SalsburyJoanne Salsbury was born in Portsmouth, Ohio. Lived in Europe during her later high school years and returned to the USA to finish college at University Of Cincinnati. She completed two Masters Degrees one of which was an honorary Masters in Human Development. During and after college, she pursued different jobs/careers none of which were fulfilling. Without knowing why, she sensed it was time to leave Cincinnati and moved West to begin her own journey to identify what was gnawing at her soul.

Joanne did not even know what self esteem was until a class on self esteem mysteriously appeared her last year of college. It interestingly was only offered one quarter, and she doesn’t even remember how it came that she signed up for the class. It changed her life. Her journey became obsessive to learn, experience and make the changes in her own life because she realized she needed much work on her own self esteem.

It was not an overnight process by any means and she endured her own trials and pain along the way without assistance from anyone because most others did and do not understand self esteem either.

That is the purpose of Joanne’s books: To help those who are confused, depressed and ready to give up because they do not understand their issues all have to do with self esteem. She is working on her third book presently, but would like to offer her journey and insights through the first two books…The Many Faces of Self Esteem” and “Obtaining the Pearl”. She wrote the books in a non-clinical fashion that everyone can relate. Her goal is to open up the blockages to their own happiness and contentment in life.

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Where Is My Magic?: Beyond Self Esteem (Self-Help)

where is my magicMany of us have unrealistic hopes that someone will see our potential and hand us an easy blueprint for life; thereby, creating a set of expectations to guide us. We allow these expectations to influence our behavior and performance which usually bamboozles us right into surreal confusion.

We can always expect others will come along to influence our direction in one way or another. That is part of the journey. The hand you were dealt is your blueprint for life and you choose whose influence helps build your life plan . The goal is to become the architect by using pieces of the past and filling in with new pieces to construct a new you. Your visions and hopes could be your look into a future already planned. You just need to figure out how to get there with Joanne’s help if you choose!

Joanne wants to expand options for you to include new explanations and visualize beyond our noses. Life is not black and white! New explanations can affect our physical and emotional health and will create our magic through effort, prayer and wishing again upon that star! There truly is magic coming to us if we believe and follow our own heart! Keep your eyes on the skies

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The Many Faces of Self-Esteem: The Stepchild of Human Development (Self-Help)

The Many Faces of Self EsteemWe inherited someone else’s self esteem while growing up. Your goal is to sift through what is not yours and place it in the “no longer me” file. I am convinced that self-esteem is the key to healing thyself.

One has to start somewhere to find your own “Being” and eliminate the confusion on “Who am I” and “Why am I like this”?

This book is a beginning for you with stories and exercises included to help you re-connect with your Self.

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Obtaining the Pearl: Understanding Your Journey For Truth (Self-Help)

Obtaining the PearlThis book is written with confidence that anyone can relate, identify and investigate parts of themselves without fear of uncovering those hidden layers that conceal the beautiful pearl already within us.

The powerful term of “self esteem” does not need to be so overwhelming that we choose to avoid the experiential journey altogether. This is layer 2…

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