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K. Leigh

K. Leigh is a 33-year-old once-painter, sometimes-freelancer, forever-artist living in Providence, RI. They write hopeful-tragic stories full of funny, horrible characters, in various genres.

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CONSTELIS VOSS Vol. 1 — COLOUR THEORY (Science Fiction, Dystopian, Literary, Adult Fiction, LGBTQ)

Long after humanity reached the stars, and recreated earth in all its vices, one (totally unhinged) man finds himself lost not only in a robotic body, but in the chapters of his prior life (circa 1997). Knowing what came before—and finding familiar faces to help him—is the only way to survive.

Not just for him, but for the billions that call this planet-sized ship, home. Welcome to CONSTELIS VOSS, the anime-inspired, psychological sci-fi trilogy nobody asked for, but everyone (probably) deserves. Karma’s a b*tch.

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